Later it was said that

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Later it was said that Aeneas got hold of cheap wow gold and carried with him to his new land of Aion Goldwhere it was Preserved together with the goddess' fireHe cuba's life was one of grief and sorrow saw with her own eyes her eldest born Hector killed and insulted by AchillesShe saw her son Polites slain search for an front of her by PyrrhusAnd she saw her husband took along with himselfthe aged Priam calleddragged towards the household altar and ruthlessly butchered thereAfter the fall of Troy she was carried into slavery withShe had the misfortune to witness her daughter Polyxenaher soleconsolation in  bondagesacrificed at the tomb of AchillesShe had the sad fate to see washed ashore the corpse of her young estson Polydoruswho had been entrusted to the Thracian king for safekeepingWith her fifty children all dead she became the queen of sorrows from whom no other woman could obtain the crownYet in her distress and despairshe plucked up hercourage to avenge herself upon the Thracian kingwho had murdered her son in order to get her son's goldLateras Dionysushad  prophesied she was transformed into a dog with blood shuteyes andunable to endure the new miseryshe leapt into thesea and thus ended her unfortunate life , Io was the daughter of a rivergod ofShe was lovedrun after and won by ZeusHera became so greeneyed that she flew down from Olympus one day to pay her rival back and buy wow goldZeushoweverhad foreseen her arrival and changed Io into abeautiful white little cowSeeing cheap wow gold through the trickHera asked for the cow as a present and Zeus had to give in to her wish ofThen she left the cow to the care of a hundredeyed monsterArgusArgus' eyes were ever open and no escape was possibleUnable to bear to see her so unhappyZeus sent Hermes down todestroy the monsterDressed up as a shepherdHermes lulled Argus to sleep with his sweet songs and long storiesthen killed him and set Io free and present wow goldBut Hera's anger was not to be calmed down yetShe sent a gadfly to attack the cow and drive her from land to landIn her misery the cow passed over the strait which divides Europe and AsiaIn this way the strip of water got its name  Bosporusthe way of the cowShe wandered over the seawhich by chance got from her its name the Ionian Sea In the end she arrived in Egypt where she was turned back into her natural form. She settled down and gave birth to a sonSome of her children remained in Egypt and ruled as kings for a longtime






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