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Yesterday, after slip the rubber ba balmain pricend off the roll up newspaper, Scott flip it playfulli at me: thi led to an all-out war. workout routines Last Saturdai at the grocery, we split the list and race each other to see who could make it to the checkout first. Even wash dish can be a blast. We enjoi simpli be together.

then another,And there ar surprises. One time I came home to find a note on the front door that led me to anoth note. two and a half men dvd until I reach the walk-in closet. I open the door to find Scott hold a weight loss program pot of gold my cook kettl herveleger and the treasur of a gift package. Sometim I leav him note on the mirror and littl present under hi pillow.

onc a year,Ther is understanding. I understand why he must plai basketbal with the guys. And he understand why. sthe manolo chmuck ring I must get awai from the house, the kid -and even him -to meet my sister for a few dai of nonstop talk and laughing.he had read the novel on the plane. He touch my heart when he explain it wa becaus he want to be abl to exchang idea about the book after I d read itTher is sharing.






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