Michael Jackson Has Gone, But His Fashion Would Never Die

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Last year in June, the king of pop music, Michael Jackson, passed away. This bad news rocked the whole world and reports concerning it blotted out the sky and the land. Millions of his admirers presented his funeral or take other actions to mourn for this super star and the extent was so ceremonious that even none of the US presidents' could be able to surpass it.links london

As a man of love, Michael Jackson is kind-hearted, longsuffering, anger, depressive, unyielding and recalcitrant. All of these personalities formed his distinctive charms and with such reorganizations people can understand why he is admired so much easily.

This year, the anniversary of MJ's funeral is on its way. To make the moment memorable, people plan to launch many different activities. Here are some special actions listed below:

A movie record the last period of MJ's life would be available to the public on 25, June. It said that this movie got its name in honor of MJ's famous song: Gone Too Soon; his Nederland Ranch was kept completely in its original conditions; fans come from Tokyo get together to dance his classic Moon Walk; people visit his graveyard and made it hemmed by flowers, and so on.

However, the most special and significant action is that many loyal fans hold an exhibition of all Michael Jackson's costumes. Conversant clothes remind people of most of the splendid moments when MJ was performing.

Due to his attractiveness, all those clothes MJ have worn are becoming fashionable without any doubt. The best example to illustrate this fact is the Ed Hardy clothes.

Still remember last year on 28th, April, MJ, together with his family, dressed in green and red clothes went to Ed Hardy clothes stores for shopping?Wedding Gowns

Still remember MJ took part in Christian Audigier's birthday party in 2008, dressing in a blue shirt which has embroidery in the front part? And another blue shirt appeared in the move THIS IS IT when MJ sing the song MAN IN THE MIRROR?

The most famous designer of Ed Hardy Company is Christian Audigier and he is one of this super star's friends. In fact, all these clothes MJ has been dressed mentioned above were designed by him. Of course, those clothes become more valuable because of MJ now.cheap ed hardy

To sum up, Ed Hardy added much to MJ's performing life and in return, MJ helped this brand become more reputable. An everlasting fashion was created by both of them.






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