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When and why did you make thevibram transition to barefoot/minimalistic running.After 2 weeks of running in "traditional"vibram fivefingersshoes, I asked the question: "Why should I run in "these" when the African runners are wearing much less?" The whole idea of running in minimal footwear just made more logical sense when I got down to thinking about it. So basically since the beginning I've been running in flats and doing barefoot drills.How did you perfect your form. and stride.Running completely barefoot taught me the most. It's a completely different experience when you're running barefoot, it teaches you something that not even VFF's can teach you 100% properly.It teaches you to listen to your feet, if your feet hurt--outside of the adjustment period--then most likely you are doing something wrong; if your feet feel good most likely your doing something right. I take a simplistic approach when vibram shoes comes to that--and mastering the technique that is right for moving your center-of-gravity most efficiently in my opinion is best learned by paying extremely close attention to how your feet feel.Outside of the barefoot realm though, the most effective tool in my training toolbox has been hill running, and for me that means once a week running up and down a 800m to 1k hill for 40-60 minutes. I have a belief that when your most fatigued that that is when you learn to run most efficiently.I think though that mainly besides the barefoot drills and hill running that having good form. comes with consistency in training, in other words, practice--you can't expect to have perfect form. after one day of barefoot training, your brain has to learn first and get used to thevibram fivefingerssale sensory information and over time your body will follow. Practice makes perfect--I think that going completely barefoot makes this process even faster.


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