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For me, in my short run in the Bikilas, my form. felt light buyvibram five fingersand comfortable. And when I sprinted down the street I felt like I was flying (A VFF experience not limited to the Bikilas, mind you)! I've previously discussed that I had given up on running up until about a year ago, and even in VFFs I can experience some knee discomfort — my form. being so bad that it's helpful for me to interject barefoot running into my training. My typical run is only a couple miles at this point and my last run outside in the indoor-only Moc (For testing purposes only!) I actually had to take them off after a mile when my knee started acting up — I ran the second barefoot. I say this because in my single-and-only mile I ran in the Bikilas I felt fine — no knee irritation at all.This is only one trial and not enough to draw conclusions, but it's encouraging, at least, that the extra 5mm (as compared to thevibramFive Fingers Classic) didn't seem to negatively affect my form.As far as the actual "podding" of the sole, what this means as far as design is concerned is that there is a thin, light-grey rubber base (a measurement at the light-grey, non-podded part is only 5mm thick) that is interjected with the ovoid "pods" or "platforms" that are thicker. This mixed-base-and-platform. is a compromise between providing a protective base and maintaining the flexibility of the sole.In testing toe flex in the Bikilas, upward flex (pointing your toes skyward) is on par with othervibram models. Downward flex, however, is less — even less than the KSO Trek, and it almost seems as though this was a specific design consideration — note how close together the two rows of black toe pods come at the big toe. Left to speculate, I'd say this is to prevent toes from bending under the shoe in the event they snag on the ground or other objects.The white arch of the sole with the golf-ball-like divots is a separate piece from the rubber sole of the Bikila that is made of EVA polyurethane . At least one or two initial testers described this as arch support; however, per my assessment, the polyurethane arch is not much different than the Vibram rubber arch you get with standard soled Vibram Five Fingers and is similarly thick to vibram shoes at the same point.


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