Vibram Five Fingers in USA

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After the jump are photos,vibramshoes, and thoughts about the novel, stylish, and ground-breaking laced Vibram Five Fingers — the Speed! The Vibram Five Fingers Speed — Initial Review. The most striking feature of thevibram five fingersSpeed will be the shoe-like quality of having laces and a tongue, which combined with the retro sneaker styling makes for a compelling mash-up of fashion and function.The Vibram Five Fingers Speed could be described simultaneously as both a retro-styled sneaker (or trainer) that features a mesh-like upper, steel eyelets and piped laces, subdued but slick Vibram branding, and simple black-and-white coloring and a foot friendly, minimalist, toe-loving foot glove — like any other pair of Vibram Five Fingers. Surprisingly enough (to me), this mash-up—Vibram Five Fingers Classic, collision of worlds—actually works, and it works awesomely (if not seamlessly).Design Specifics — Speed Details. The foundation at the base of the Vibram Five Fingers Speed is the running-specific  potted sole that we've already gotten a good look at via the Vibram Five Fingers Barilla. This sole features little potted platforms that are beefiest at the forefoot. Additionally, rather than Vibram rubber at the arch, the Speed (like the Baikal) has a devoted polyurethane* arch covering. Notably, from my initial testing of the Speed as compared to the Barilla, it seems that the Speed does not have the extra 3mm polyurethane insole at the forefoot, which means that you get a bit more ground feel in the Five Fingers Speed as compared to the Barilla. The Speed does feature the same diplex fabric on the footed, which is quite comfortable.

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