Best Uses for Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

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Hiking/Climbing. The super-snug and custom fit and perfect contour of vibram shoes to the foot with the grip-ability of the specially designed sole allow the wearer to grip and climb rocks and focus more on climbing than worrying about slipping. The flexible sole also allows the foot to be more felxible, which means that the climber can climb and accomplish more complex faces and positions.

Running/Exercise. For a basic way to keep the legs and feet more healthy and agile, walking or running in Vibram FiveFingers will do the trick. Soreness may be experienced in the initial few days, but once the muscles are strenghtened and built, walking and running in the vibram five fingers shoes will be a breeze.

Kayaking/Fishing/Outdoors.  The tougher and thicker material found in the FiveFingers Flow style. are perfect for those who are kayakers, canoers, avid fishers, or general outdoorsmen. The thick upper of the shoe protects against the heavier elements and outdoor hazards while also providing a layer of protection from the colder temperature of the water or ground during the cooler months.

Yoga/Pilates/Martial Arts/Indoor. FiveFingers vibram shoes have the grip and flexibility needed to accomplish the more difficult positions and moves of yoga, pilates, and martial arts. If none of these activities are personally interesting, consider adding the Vibram FiveFingers vibram shoes to your collection as a pair of comfortable and healthy slippers.






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