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One gripe I have with the authorities is their skepticism about going vibram five barefoot (or effectively so as withvibram fivefingers):"Mainstream docs are not convinced of the benefits of bare feet, either. 'There’s been increasing interest in the past five years, but not a lot of conclusive studies [on barefoot training],' stresses Colin Hoobler"What a funny statement. Why do we need conclusive studies to tell us that being barefoot is acceptable? Human feet were engineered by blind evolutionary trial and error to be unshod! We need more trials and studies to tell us something that nature provides instinctively? I'd recommend Vibram Five Fingers Sprint Colin observe a toddler walking barefoot -- it's midfoot first.Having said that, since most of us have lived the majority of our lives engaging in any sort of activity in more conventional footwear, foot atrophy is to be expected, which is to say that some level of rehabilitation is to be expected. So take it easy, and ease into dumping your arch support (The most powerful arch support, of course, is that which comes from the arches in your feet!).Anyway, great article!It's a common question: for the same size foot (measured in inches or whatever), if you grab the correct numerical size to fit that foot in both women's and men'svibram five fingers(assuming a size exists for both genders — there is some overlap), is there a difference between genders?The answer is "yes."

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