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One pic is me before going out to an improv show in my kilt plus blackvibram fivefingers–I wear toe socks as they match the kilt better then just the shoes –and then my improv group, who all decided to wear theirvibramfor one show. By coincidence, we had 5 different shoes!Thanks Rocco**! It's great to hear not only about eliminating your foot and back pain problems, but also that your doctor made such a sensible suggestion to go barefoot more often.These photos make for a couple of five fingers firsts. For one, this is the first time I've seen the combination of fivefingers and a kilt. Black KSOs with black socks matched to Vibram Five Fingers Classic a black kilt works quite well!Two, I think this is the first time I've seen five sets of five fingers in one place. Thanks for sending the improv group shot!If you're curious about the Soft Star "sorta-moccasins" (as I was), you can check them out here. Rocco's blog, which features some of his improv videos, is at might recall an episode of Saturday Night Live that originally aired back in mid-November of 2005 (Jason Lee, Season 31). If you didn't see it then (I don't think I did), no doubt you'll find Andy Samberg's song about "J.J. Casuals" particularly funny today.You can watch it here (Opens a new window, it's a wmv file as I was unable to find this in any other format!).Screen caps and lyrics after the jump.In case the video is forced offline (Network television is prone to do such things!), here's a screencap from the skit, which sort of gives away the punchline (albeit without Samberg's funny Jack-Johnson-inspired singing):I have to admit that this tune has been stuck in my head ever since watching this video. Keep vibramfive fingers shoescasual, whatever!

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