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We feel every small variation in temperature, texturevibram fivefingersand hardness. I slowly worked my way into it, starting out by simply slipping off my flip flops and driving barefoot in the summer. I later worked my way into occasionally taking offfive fingers shoesSprint my flops at stores and shopping barefoot. Last year I made the "plunge" and decided to live barefoot whenever possible. Unfortunately, that is somewhat limited by the fact I am required by policy at work to wear socks and shoes. That said, I get the occasional child telling their parents, "He doesn't have any shoes on!" To that, I usually just smile. Some adults ask why I'm not wearing any shoes. I typically reply, "I don't need any," to which they give me an even more confused look.I have been told by management or security at a number of vibram establishments that I need to put on footwear if I wish to continue there. They have cited all kinds of reasons; usually they're not well thought out. They are typically never based on an actual posted dress code because I don't go barefoot in stores that have a sign requiring.

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