To Be Fashionable Or To Be Oneself Is A Personal Choice

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Beauty, celebrity, and money are all a part of our life in society. To some it is their life style, to others is the luxury they cannot afford. Let us start by saying that there are three possible kinds of fashion and respectable fashion designers - catwalk fashion, the haute couture and every day fashion.

Designers belonging to the first group are pure artists who create clothes for visual pleasure rather than for any practical use whatsoever. They are all undoubtedly talented people. One admires their creative capabilities, ingenuity, and imagination. Internationally recognised designers stand out in their ability to use all sorts of materials, create intricately shaped designs from anything, including metal planks, cables, switches and plastic. The products of their creation will never see the light of day. One cannot blame the poor model for not being able to walk more than fifteen metres down the cat walk without stumbling along because of the silk laces tying her heels. This would be the designer's lost touch with reality. It is clear that these sandals will never be worn at a VIP party and definitely not in the street.

A fashion show is a part of entertainment, like a concert, ballet or other aesthetic event after which the performers put their clothes down and leave them in the wardrobes.Moncler Jackets

Designers belonging to the second, the haute couture group are top designers who work for international brands and create fancy and unusual clothes are, however, destined to be worn on different occasions by the general public. Huge fashion houses and model agencies, enormous financial investments destined to this small group thanks to which it exists stand behind them. Well off customers pay cosmic sums for clothes, hand bags, shoes and jewellery just because they carry a tag with a prestigious name of the venerated designer or stylist on it. Celebrities care about prestige a lot. There's nothing worse than critical comments on your dress on the part of society commentators or colleagues. In this way, fashion dictators and rich consumers move in the circle of mutual satisfaction.

All other designers, whose names nobody will probably ever find out, simply create original, comfortable clothes worn by millions of people, the largest part of the society who do not worry about the labels or brands, that is. They create fashion for every day use for affordable process. They produce no less interesting, original, unique, fashionable clothes of all sizes for all walk of like. And to be fair, what do care more about - being well dressed with stylish clothes that correspond to our bodies and mask their slight imperfections or wearing designer labels that we cannot afford and look ridiculous in? Reasonable people just want to feel comfortable and look good in the mirror. Charm and beauty, as we know, often lie in simplicity and bags

On the day to day basis, every day is a new act of life in which we play the roles of both artists and performers. We hear the word "fashion" so often these days. Everybody discusses what is and is not fashionable all the time. To some people fashion becomes a misleading concept. It is weird thinking that a Louis Vuitton hand bag bought in a market and "matched" with sports shoes and bare hips could help anyone feel a more important person. Such examples of "fashion" are numerous in the street. The desire to mime celebrities and resemble them make many people wear fake rather than designer label items. It is important to remember that the three different types of fashion exist and to never confuse them or their uses. The podium fashion belongs to the podium and nowhere else. The "haute couture" is wonderful if you can afford it. Maybe it is not a bad idea to have one or two items for special occasions that come from prestigious brands and carry their labels. However, most of the time you will find out that you simply cannot afford to have them. And it is not a bog deal. Being fashionable means wearing good quality clothes in which YOU look good. For this, you have to look for clothes made by a designer whose name does not flash in fashion magazines, but is familiar to you and for a good reason. The designer that makes clothes for YOU is there you just have to find him or her. Good luck!

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