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To find the
best bargains you should start scouting adds a few days a head of time. One of the best links to find adds They keep an updated list of all the adsnfl jerseys that are posted for major shops. Also get online and search the sites for stores in you area such as Many of these will have their sales for you area post right on there. If you are looking for some now to map out you course or to get some ideas on what to Wal-Mart has already said they are mlb jerseysdropping the prices on several items closer to black Friday and her are a few. Panasonic 42-inch HD plasma will be offered for $1,294 from an original price of $1,794 and the Polaroid 37-inch LCD HDTV will be priced at $997 from an the original price of $1,297, A few other items they will be rolling back prices on are the Kodak C875 digital camera to $249.64 from an $298.77. It will also be rolling back prices on nba jerseyspre-paid phones such as the Cingular C139 model. Make sure to do all you research a head of time Get the Courier Journal that Sunday before and check out all the ads. Plan what stores you want to go to when and have a plan. Make sure to get an early start and have a list of what you are looking for from each store. Make sure to bring your ads with you many stores will offer a lowest price nhl jerseysguarantee that they will either meet it or beat it. Take advantage of this. Make sure to take advantage nba jerseysof your Early Bird Discounts! Early bird discounts usually start at 5am and end at 11am. Remember most store will have extended shopping hours this day. Opening early and closing late! Don’t forget to take advantage of the early bird door buster to many department store will hand out extra coupon the first how ever many people to walk through the door. decide to do some internet shopping you can beat the early bird crowd and hit the Thanksgiving night sales. By shopping online in the wee early hours of black Friday you can get yourghd hair straighteners deal and many retailers will allow you to pick up your order at a local store that day. You can also get special web only deals on top of your early bird Don’t make to many returns or your name will be come on an abused list and you won’t be able to return something when you really need to. When putting your holiday gift on a credit card make sure to do it on one that will benefit you! One that offers reward or money back. This way you get something back for that hard earned money you will be spending. Don’t have a reward credit card. Maybe think about applying for one before the holiday season. Otherwise use you lowest interest rate credit card first and then go up from there. Friday shopping can be confusing and frustrating make sure to have a plan and take a buddy with you! This will help keep things fun and you can help each other out. Once you get home look at you list and see who you still have to buy for and what you are looking for and rewrite your list and keep looking for those bargains they will be there all the way until Christmas!






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