Intensive care for a hair long straight

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Having beautiful hair is every woman’s desires. Need intensive care so that you can get a good hair with perfect results.

Straight or curly hair is not a problem. Provided the well-ordered and in accordance with the face shape. Here I will explain how to care for and long straight hair. Follow these tips:

1. Shampoo, then dry the hair well.Moncler Jackets

After shampooing, massage your hair gently. Then apply a silicone cream to provide moisture to the hair and held her hair so no sticking out.

2. Drain

In order for straight hair look neat, do the drying of the skin of the head to the tip of the hair. Take a hair brush, hair dryer end point downward. For the hair on the back of the head, do not forget to dry the interior first.

3. Use a hair straightenergucci handbags

If you dry your hair little by little, the heat of the straightener tool will sink faster. For thicker hair, or rough, use a hotter size.

In order for drying the hair (blow dry) you stand up to 3 days or more, try to:
- Wrapping the hair with a silk scarf before bed. Point, to keep the hair does not float.
- Use protective plastic thick hair (shower cap) when will a shower, not thin like that of the hotel.
- After drying my hair, do not forget to change his mode with cold air. Point to keep no hair sticking out.
- Do not use a hat or hair clips, because it will leave marks on the hair.

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