Using Fashion Jewelry to Express Yourself

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Fashion jewelry is also known as costume jewelry and it is usually worn at fun or informal occasions. Therefore there are endless possibilities that are open to you while wearing fashion jewelry. Dress up to portray a style, a look, a mood, whatever you want. The best part is that there are no rules.

Cheap fashionMoncler Jackets

The low cost is probably the best part about fashion jewelry. This is because fashion jewelry is not made from precious metal or precious stones. They are often created out of a relatively cheaper metal and plated with silver or gold. Semi precious stones and other colored stones are used to adorn the metal and give it a finished look. Today fashion jewelry is also made using non conventional material, like wood, pearls, ivory, clay, amber etc. If used creatively these metals can give a piece of jewelry quite an interesting look. Plastic and nylon have also become materials that are commonly used. The use of all these unconventional materials to make fashion jewelry have opened up endless avenues in terms of shapes, colors etc. So if you are looking for something that will give you the exact look you have in mind, fashion jewelry is the way to go.

Whim not investmentgucci

Unlike fine jewelry, fashion jewelry is all about fun and being impressive. It is not meant to be an investment. It is meant to accentuate the clothes you are wearing, or the mood that you are in, or perhaps even the culture that you belong too. It is cheap and inexpensive and because of this you can afford to buy as much of it as you like. Fashion jewelry is ideal to buy on a whim, that way if you tire of it after a while, you don’t need to feel the pinch of having spent a fortune on it.

The not so fun side

While fashion jewelry is the way to go today, and while everyone wants to wear it, not everyone can. Fashion jewelry that is made out of metal is generally made out of copper or nickel and it is important to check that your skin is not sensitive to these materials, especially when it comes to earrings. You need to give this factor even more serious thought when gifting fashion jewelry to a friend or relative. Fashion jewelry that goes around the neck, hand and feet might be a safer bet as these generally do not affect the wearer unless they have very sensitive skin.

Care and prevention from wear and tearMoncler coats

While fashion jewelry is fun and great to accessorize, it is not nearly as hardy as fine jewelry. It will tarnish and look dull easily. It is not very difficult to prevent this though. A little care will do the trick. Keep you jewelry away from chemicals like perfumes etc. and wash and clean it with mild soap. Dry it and preserve it in anti tarnish paper and your jewelry should last you a long while.







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