Liang Yuan 's eyes from the panic into the lonely

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Liang Yuan 's eyes from the panic into the lonely

Cho Siu-ping, blinked , and tightened the brows , drooping eyes , he was the sun in their cast shadows nfl jersey over his face .

"Small light that he retire , in fact, to escape -tung . "

Liang Yuan confounded a moment , then started a beautiful smile , a pair of eyes, shiny waves .

"I think you must have misunderstood you? Tong Bin, how could he embarrassed a child? "

" The thing about Mr. Tong , children should know better than I mind my wife , right? " Zhuo Xiaobing got intonfl jerseys blind eyes, Pie Zhuozui angle coldly words from his mouth , " for example , Luo Huan "

Hear the last word , Liang Yuan as a whole has been heavily pushed people a little, suddenly staggered backward a step . A minute later, she looked up , his face gentle smile instantly replaced by the expression of panic .

" Thirteen years ago, and Mr. Tong with the man . "

Cho Siu-ping, slowlywholesale nfl jerseys spoke a word for word . Liang Yuan 's expression told her that she had received information is correct. 13 years ago, the children had indeed been , and Bin Luo Huan man called together .

Liang Yuan head down , hands tightly together and could see her inner struggle .

Zhuo Xiao-Bing will be watching her . Liang Yuan 's eyes from the panic into the lonely , and finally into a Bay restoration of the lake without any ripples .

"So , you want me to do how to help your brother ? " when she suddenly blurted , staring across the years, the face is back in the beginning of the conversation gentle smile.

This is in fact a silent confrontation. Obviously, Zhuo Xiao-Bing won.

"I hope not to find a small football jerseys light -tung . "

Zhuo Xiao-Bing spoke slowly , narrowing his eyes looked Liang Yuan response.

Beautiful woman is standing there quietly , not the least bit surprised expression on his face : " ah , do not worry , I'll tell him. "

Cho Siu-ping, the hand with pocket recording pen, imperceptible , shivering , struggling to not move.

" But I also want you to promise me one thing . "

Liang Yuan slowly said, but kept on hand . Lily with the stars , with pink wrapping paper wrap , then tied with red ribbon roses , men born out of a perfect work of art.

"You please say . " Zhuo Xiao-Bing calmly blurted out .

" I do not care who this thing is to tell you all please do not mention Luo Huan , especially in children before Bin . because that thing hurt was his too deep . "

Liang Yuan will be tied up in front of a bunch of lily handed it Zhuo Xiaobing , faint smile , a smile or a soft and warm , bright and clear as night Nama waxing .

Cho Siu-ping, took out a hand to spend , will spend holding in his arms , breathe in suddenly filled with lily unique fragrance .

She could not help but looked up , curious to ask: " Though you know everything, why are willing to be with him ? "

Liang Yuanyang from the mouth smiled , did not answer, but turned to the door of the brand turned over , and then buried them busy . Cho Siu-ping, holding flower up to the glass door that the door step , she heard behind the voice sounded gentle Liang Yuan , with inexplicablestuffed animals sadness .

"Because , I have on the Luo Huan had promised to help him take care of him , my life. "

The sun shone on her body , warm one . Florist of mistress in a tranquil tone of the narrative , the thoughts into the past to be buried inside .

That ended two days after lily withered away.

Bin Tong Tong Jing never lingering bright, vigorous storm to retire and eventually be fine, clear resolve . Surprisingly, Cho Siu-ping, do not put this scandal to sell anyone. Liang Yuan period of dialogue with the recording , her personal mail through the child -bin

E-mail to him, and then gently point the mouse under Delete.

But she and the child transactions between the bin and not over.

Spread out on a computer screen with bright pictures of Tong King , Junior 's smile reflectedAnti-riot helmets in the line of sight , the bright but brilliant . Cho Siu-ping, the site for a long time staring at a beautiful picture , look in again in the imperceptible hint of sadness .

A secret buried in the heart , can not anyone talk about , especially his .

She muttered.

This time, I must keep my promise of a decade ago . If you have to take the entertainment business this way , small light , I will do my best to protect you until the end.

MSN on the familiar picture jumps , seeAnti-riot shields each other a familiar tone , Cho Siu-ping, laughed .






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