Which makes the hearts of even more proud

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Which makes the hearts of even more proud

Players have received notice that evening , sunset time nanny car stopped in front of the hotel , a small pink to support their players according to their good early point of the square , under the leadership of the president shouted slogans neatly . But themassage shanghai team had organized , but the moment the doors open completely confusing posters, light card, flowers, gifts, like raging waves as if come dressed in colorful clothes of the fans will push against each other , force broke away Squeeze the other forward .

"The next future ! "

First off the staff , a vicious manner Hetui fans with open arms blocking a path through . Sister in the steward 's urging , several players got off one after another , and no more of them stay in the fans , they dove into the hotel lobby .

Fans were concerted efforts of staff shanghai massage and the security barrier on the outside , watching the idols before they quickly slip from their own , then angrily stomped in place .

Looked up and fans are proud to see a handsome face , flash flash to Guoliaomalu , is moving in their direction came , so surprising , " ah ah ah ah " Bianjiao hand side of that .

" ah ah ah ah, yes DU Xiao- ah ! "

So Xiangyebuxiang , not the first people called to the rushed up .

DU Xiao- head high, with a smile, which came from the crowd of fans , his smile is still used to the acclamation of evil , for the fans , handing me a gift , has been turning a blind eye Yang Zhetou .

" Xiao Du ! Xiao Du ! Xiao Du ! "

Shouting fans screamed his name , which makes the hearts of even more proud of Du Xiaoshan , a foot step into the hotel entrance , he turned toward the door of fans waved gracefully , he cited the move again

Screams from the overwhelming .

Mouth hung hint Siyousiwu smile , could see his eyes full of proud smiles . Some journalists have been suspicious of his popularity and strength , now see , these also need to repeat it?

" Du Xiao Du hey "

Is to take the elevator , his eyes swept the peripheral vision , see the hotel where the crew for the girls to twitter to get together with pointing his nonstop talk , then smiled .

Sure enough, they are also his fans ah !

Was thinking of a group of people suddenly suddenly pushed out of a personal , face turned red and shy young girl twisted clothing or jewelry, stand still , I am sorry to Minqi the lips, hands , " column features a " ah Huang Huang , Stare at a pair of innocent eyes.

" ah DU DU Xiao this "

Little girls carefully handing me a gift , looked up , eyes flashing flash ah , the cheerful look forward to look.

DU Xiao narrowed his eyes , eyebrows inadvertently Yang Liaoyang , such as small fans in there, looks pathetic, so he fell a little sympathy for heart health . Hand would pick up the gift in her hand .

" Du Xiaoshan , a few with which we buy , and can help us bring this to the little light please? the "

A little girl to " column features " into his hand , blushing and ran away.

Bang bang , DU Xiao- like ears that only exploded soon as thunder , and his face immediately from the Qing Zhuanyin to sleet .

Gifts are not given their own , they are not even their own fans Why ?

Who is that littleshanghai escort light ? DU Xiao vaguely remember , as if that will jump all day bite naughty young children ?

He any good , those who actually like he does not like himself ?

Stared at the innocent face of the column features black eyes, I watched, became a bright pair of slender black and Tong King 's eye , as if tear open mouth , a look of mock look.

By , there is more shameful than this Why ?

DU Xiao- only feel anger from under their feet along burn escort shanghaihead , face the embarrassing rejection is not good , then angrily snatched " column features a " turned away.

Anger turn into the corridor all the way , well I heard the Northeast with a large ballast sub- flavored sound , Tong Jing Liang way to flip out rushed from the room , while waved and yelled, " Brother Lei Do not hit me I swear Swear , I would not bite you ! "

He Fenglei followed coming out of the scene bright by Tong in the corner , staring fiercelyplush toys staring at him ,

" Really? this is true ? "

" Ah ! a child you were dead ! and bite me! "

The corridor of laughter continued , all people are running out of room watch the fun , Tong Jing Liang a bite in the shoulder He Fenglei , angered everyone laugh .

Steward 's big sister is smiling and distributed to the players one week notice .

Tong Jing Liang a push He Fenglei , immediately Riot suitwent to steward behind Sister , while laughing , "Zhang sister for help , ah, Lei brother to kill the witness ! "






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