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Vibram five fingers shoe was invented, as the founder of the plant Vitale Braman Vibram Five Fingers  rubber boots first mountain in 1935, was the beginning of the revolution. Worldwide, about 70 years later, Vibram shoes are still considered the undisputed market leader in technology for a wide range of footwear soling high quality work. Today, Vibram-soled shoes for $ 34 million annually produces more than 1000 world-famous brand shoes.

Vibram Fivefingers is the latest example of our commitment to continuing research and innovative products Vibram shoes. Industrial designer Robert Fliri first proposed the idea of shoes FiveFingers Mark Braman, grandson of Vibram founder Vitale Braman, who immediately approved the concept. Soon came Fliri Vibram and began working with a team of professionals and technologists to clarify shoes and fulfill their vision helped. The original concept was known simply a collection of premium performance footwear barefoot FiveFingers.

This five fingers shoes heel and instep hook loop closure deviceit letVibram five fingers  users feel comfortable,they feel no sense of restraint.Sole surface is a thin layer of anti-wear polyamide materials,this allows the shoes have more wear sturdy ,not only comfortable, but also fast drying. Vibram five fingers  rubber soles grip texture makes it very attached to power,each toe

First, let us look at the basic structure of five fingers shoes.

really fantastic.Today, a
Vibram five fingers KSOcompany with unmatched days Vibram  Italy under the Five Fingersyou can review the experience of childhood, from the bottom of my heart feel free life.

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