Not thought of that old man is not a foreign dry

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Not thought of that old man is not a foreign dry

Stolen goods , black car , witnesses , statements , what are homogeneous , and the police who think this case do well .


He does no pretty massage girl t believe the Chinese police so powerful , can break the case three days I have the psychology of his normal so dramatically that you want to give me how to rob a plane ?

Ah it easy to handle , with his see criminals , look at cars, look at stolen goods .

Stolen goods is true , but Man , look at cars, both victims were no quasi- mind .

The woman translator in Beijing Starlight bath drying irritation country too , so that means the criminals to see who is like her even the Public Security Bureau janitor is like the car ? More off the mark , pointing to pull her to the Cherokee is such that

This is the Jeep escort massage service ah MM ( sister network of language, the same below ), and a far cry to the Blue Jays .

Old man do ? See what are skeptical. Car , color does not seem right after finishing the guy thing to wash the car , and appears to be a bit different. People? Night did not see , recognize not allowed , the face a bit big ah ? Traces how a beat ? Old man unwilling to accept the result of fighting that is resisting arrest , the Western political figures close to the issue of human rights in China is very sensitive , he flew the Chinese police identify stolen goods may be picked up and, according to a report describing and got the car forced admissions . The dollar is also a bet that kid had not recovered to account , the old man that his clothes off in order to delay the erotic massage report , and then conveniently discard certain

Skeptical old man doubting , but this one is very generous with cowboy style. , not vexatious , is suspected of human rights thinking inertia , if the Chinese police broke the case he really would not deliberately make trouble .

The key is to get the old man convinced he finds the evidence .

Finally, the key to the old man himself figured it out .

When the old man is escort girl a technician ah young engineers origin .

Later to write the last fastener is actually very simple.

Finally the old man to come out of this trick , so that Beijing police one , guys have never heard of ridiculous in this way to determine if the victim perpetrators of it . However, not without reason , then tossing it to the old man .

Identification is carried out in Urban Detention Center , with the Blue Jays is that bike seized .

Old man beijing massage sitting in, handkerchiefs to their eyes, people cast , as the driver told police : "Drive ! "

Guadang refueling , turn up the engine thundered

I described the episode with the scout is the taste of :

" the ATEN belly of a virtuous old man , blindfolded, hands thumb lifted , saying Oukai "

Man will afford not understand it, the old man listening to the engine , it was crack shot , one is sitting in the car that day .

Americans are still more cheerful disposition that , the train hugs the old man whom arrest who then let him kid movement of celestial objects may have no human rights problem nobody has .

This effort shows that the year old man is indeed a good engineer, infiltration of bone marrow that has become his professional habits instinct .

Thus, the " touch case " for settling out the truth .

This child , it seems a little Short of children , right? It said so and so here below the end again? I remember this case never written outside a bar ?

A joke , it touches on that in the SZ can be a " luxury VIP Daobao case " to talk about , that case , a group of tigers fighting on both rabbit and no suspense . But that both rabbit startling , really fool us ordinary people can easily work, may wish to talk about , we go after , if so , extra precautions, less losses , Hussein also considered Jide had .

Other articles arrest luxurious VIP

Happened after the establishment of the SAR in the SZ -wide strike hard the first time . As the development of SZ was too fast, police can not keep up , the more the case . Just then a Deputy Minister of escort beijingMinistry of Public Security led the report of the National Police Force and the heroes through the Guangdong group , was then city police stopped the SZ , in any case ask them to take a trip to the SAR , they do point to the new police mission Tuition FAQ 's water mill effort .

For criminal cases , exchange of experience that sort of thing more with less . In fact, the police not only dry , thieves also dry year in Beijing to have had a real thief Assembly . It was a very good hotel , although the failure to it, but are separate ways will be online "friends" , and finally with the "skill " rating the oldest , second oldest , youngest to

After the General Assembly because the General Assembly of the old thieves have been arrested for them , but I did not see the case all the files , the specific circumstances can not repeat , but I remember there was a very brilliant description : like the door to participate in the General Assembly must Than one put a stamp off the envelope toward the envelope, I spit a sticky saliva to the wall tiles , you have to stamp out the envelope does not fall to be eligible for fraternizing with and talk .

Told me that this case of the police , implying quite some pregnant






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