Diamond Jewellery - Celebrated Icon of Love

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Diamonds are the ultimate gemstones, deriving their name from the Greek word “adamas”, meaning “invincible. Diamonds are thought to have originally been mined in India. But during the Roman Empire, diamond jewellery had a special worth and was renowned for beauty and elegance.

A Diamond is a greatly sought after gemstone because of its rarity and durability. As Diamonds are rare, they are valued highly. Eternal Diamonds are celebrated as the symbol of love all over the world.Moncler coats

Diamonds are incredibly hard and unmatched in terms of their strength. Folklore tells us that Diamonds assist humans in performing better in all spheres of life. Ancient people believed that a diamond provides strength. Diamonds are the birthstone for the month of April and the Anniversary stone for the 10th and 60th year of marriage.Moncler Jackets

The Italians associated Diamonds with eternal love. As a result, Diamonds are recognized as a symbol of love. In the medieval age Diamond jewellery began to resonate with a passionate nuance. Diamonds signify true emotions. A diamond is a woman’s best friend, you may have heard! For a number of women around the world, diamonds are an expression of love, and enjoyed when becoming engaged. A wedding means Diamond jewellery.

Prominent personalities like Queen Elizabeth II and Elizabeth Taylor adored and loved Diamond jewellery. Women around the world desire diamond jewellery. They just can’t resist Diamond jewellery because Diamonds are the expression of value and love. Studies have shown that women throughout the world, irrespective of their countries, civilization, and disposition, appreciate and pine for diamond accessories.

A Diamond accessory is the true gift of love for a woman and represents that she is valued. It also means she holds a distinguished place in some one’s heart. A Diamond gift lets a woman feel eternal.tiffany jewellery

The Value of a Diamond depends on 4 C’s; that is clarity, cut, carat and color. Diamonds clarity is determined by inclusions. The finer the cut, the more precious the Diamond will be. High-quality cutting is what brings fire to the ice. The higher the unit weight of the Diamond, the more it will be adored. Gold or platinum jewellery accompanies Diamond gemstones, and are common in the retail market.

The eternal Diamonds are just not a gift for now; they will turn out to be heirloom for many generations to come. For investment purpose, Diamond jewellery is considered to be an excellent investment.

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