The fundamental behavior of Contemporary

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The fundamental behavior. of Contemporary

The rise of China and the international system of norms . The nature of international norms for the whole nature of the international system has some effect within the meaning or requirements . In the " Rise of China and the world order " within the framework of the discussions , in particular, highlight the two relations , namely: the international system the narrow limits of particular cultural or "civilized" the expansion of the boundaries (or simply a modernfootball jerseys extension of the international community ) and The relationship between the evolution of international norms ; international power distribution changes and the relationship between the evolution of international norms .

Since the 16th century , relations between the two on the history that limits the expansion of the international system and changes in distribution of international power have led to a significant evolution of international norms . In particular, the historical process of modern and contemporary civilization , the European international system, the rapid expansion in the 19th century and the emergence of global international system plays a very important position , not just go with the traditional center of the international system and the flanking powers fading Prosperity , the great proliferation of non-European powers and its role in the big increase , non-Western world, the great rise of modern nationalism and its successful revolt against the West , there are all these new forces in the interaction of international norms under the profound and extensive changes .

Its very dimensions , the current relationship between China and the outside world probably can Pi be simply summarized as two major aspects: first, the Chinese characteristics of this giant country full of Wen Hua in the political, economic, Waijiao , ideological and cultural exchanges and Ren Kou Flow fields in order to rapidly increase the breadth and depth of involvement outside world , has been and continues to lead a major global expansion of the international system ; Second, the " rise of China " has been and continues to lead the international power structure.

In accordance with common sense andwholesale nfl jerseys basic experience in contemporary world , the international system, the expansion of broad limits , together with changes in the international power structure , would lead to the evolution of international norms . The fundamental behavior. of Contemporary China ( giant , " the rise of trade in the country ") , together with the Chinese civilization, culture , values , political values and international norms of international interest , together with them outside of China, the exchange of these factors , fusion, agitation , Discord and coordination will determine the future evolution of international norms . This could open up the history of international norms of a new stage.

The basic values ofnfl jerseys modern cross-border areas can be summarized as " economic growth " , "free "," social justice " and " ecological protection . " Since China's reform. and opening up, the most important national achievements in the "economic growth " areas , but this is far from the Chinese cross-border value creation , and now , from government to public opinion , Chinese people increasingly feel that success is based on impairment of "social justice " and sacrifice "ecological protection " for the price. China's reform. and opening up, Chinese society has achieved the economic "freedom "13 million people nfl jerseyhave economic "freedom" of course, the great expansion of freedom in world history , but the economic "freedom" itself is not the same value of innovation in China , not to mention China in a number of other basic The achievement of freedom there is still a long way to go.

Therefore , we look at China's development and this development will affect the world , can be said that China is currently in power or the power to promote the increasing confidence in the peaceful (and rightly) to change thestuffed animals world balance of power or the power and confidence the pattern of significant growth . And can be expected , with the rise of China , the international standard system will inevitably have a significant progressive evolution . But now, difficult to predict about the world of contemporary China will cross the basic value system of any majorAnti-riot helmets contribution to the world historical significance . Strictly speaking, the contemporary Chinese people than in the past is still a large Dutch , British and Americans, probably not as of today's Europeans , even as good as the early post- Revolution Soviet people, and Mao Zedong led the Chinese people themselves . In this regard, China faces a historic challenge : whether China can really create a set with a larger cross- adaptive and innovative , " Beijing Consensus "? We Chinese people will eventually find that the Chinese can become a world power , particularly whether the longapad remain a world power will be mainly from China 's success in dealing with this challenge the decision . Great Depression and the international financial structure






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