Doctors themselves are freelancers

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Doctors themselves are freelancers

The new medical insurance identified three main areas: employee health insurance , residents of health care, rural health insurance . This is right, too early for the establishment of a unified health insurance system for less than the need to gradually move forward on this basis . Will become a unified health insurance system, which requires a process.

China's actual situation, which is subject to elimination of the dual economic structure . Differences between urban and rural socio-economic background of China is shanghai massage also large, therefore , though the goal is to establish a unified system covering urban and rural areas , but now you can start to use different systems to cover different the groups come . System is not the same , that is the difference between different levels of medical insurance , medical reform. the system itself and not significantly different. For example, the new rural cooperative medical system and urban medical insurance system is clearly two systems . Some scholars hope that as soon as possible unification of these two systems , this unrealistic and too idealistic . As a major social policy , health care can not be divorced from its economic base.

Now Medicare has covered more than 90% , but urban and rural areas do not become a single payment , charge management system, is still tied for the three systems . Some developed regions such as Shanghai suburbs , urban-rural gap has been small farmers can be incorporated into the integrated management of urban residents , but still the two systems . That is withmassage shanghai a management body to manage the two systems , it is entirely possible . The medical reform. both a long-term goal , there are problems to be solved in recent years , consideration should be said that was still relatively comprehensive .

Doctors more jobs, this is a great breakthrough. In the past I do specialize in medical reform. over the issue. Doctors how management is a big problem , more career , he no longer rely on a certain hospital , his development will become freelancers . This approach a bit like a hospital in developed countries . Doctors themselves are freelancers . Hospitals , whether public , or private doctor is a contractual relationship with the hospital . Unlike now , like a doctor who is the public hospital , the doctor is attached to public medical institutions , such as the national administrative staff . I think , continue to explore in this area continue , it may state a significant impact on hospital management system : health shanghai escort care resources to better flow up between the hospital will create competition in the health care resources .

Yet another breakthrough , the government invested more than 8.5 thousand million years , this investment is not the past . Government revenue in the past not so high , have not been so understanding in place , get some money is difficult. Economic development as the main medical insurance on spending should be minimal . Local hospital or even to the Financial Cash on Delivery, this is an incentive for the hospital enterprise . Whileescort shanghai the central government never mentioned the hospital should be like an enterprise to the society, but also led to the kind of medical reform. before the much-criticized the market . The new medical reform. to stop this phenomenon , a clear public good nature of public medical institutions . The medical reform. reaffirmed the principle was correct . While some in the past raised the issue but failed to do , and this time clearly to beplush toys further done , they are very good progress.

There are a number of breakthroughs , such as the public health to a high level of medicine we talk about more clear than in the past , including the essential medicines list . Moreover, the medical reform. program to mobilize the community to discuss , this is an unprecedented , is a very important breakthrough.

The implementation of healthcare reform. plan focuses

I would like to stress that the implementation of healthcare reform. plan focuses . Previous medical reform. also made a lot of great ideas , but implementation isRiot suit more difficult .

The medical reform. should be said that the Central Authorities and the State Council attached great importance to all aspects . Local officials before the energy concentrated in GDP , now does business with the community should be the cause of harmonious economic development , to achieve the most favorable conditions for the implementation . But the difficulty lies in the reform. of public medical institutions , is to solve the mechanism offogging machine drug dependent doctors . From the present , this is still a need for further study to study.






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