I will not blame you for my camouflage

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I will not blame you for my camouflage

Orangutan finished reasons , we have also reached the center of the hall , stood firm , the orangutan 's hands naturally live my waist ring , I a nervous , his hands instinctively resisted his shoulder prevented him from Close to me . In fact, we have posted very close , and this was like in the publicly LCD KVMembrace it! 'm Not holding each other should have a hand in it? How is this position you? I then quickly retreat to some point force , and to keep his multi- point distance . But the gorilla 's hand good and strength , how hard I have no use , he should also came over his head at me up and whisper , "Do not the same as fighting , it seems you're a first time and men dance. Do not tremble , and Do not have spent the chaos , take it easy, moving casually along to the music moving enough. good , dance it , under a large crowd , I will not eat you! "

I am now shaking hands , feet in the quiver , plus whole body tense , her face hot again , his gentle voice againerotic massage intensified my symptoms worse , they forget the fortification of the ! I always could not withstand his gentle ! Or really I too like fishing for sympathy ? We all do this dance ? I sneak around the other students to see immediately in the heart Dahushangdang : lie ! It is obvious that is holding a hand , do not like us posted so close !

"You lied to me, so people do not jump ! "

I began struggling ATEN to leave his detention . Gorilla 's hand increased strength , I not only did not push him, is brought near by his many , my face almost touched his shoulder , and he bowed his head into my ear once again display its power : "Do not know a man can not mess with it? you more control of struggling I yearn to crush you ! now monitoring our people yet to come, but you tricked me like this , I can not help but really hold you up , do not Forget those two years, intimacy is a protocol to allow it! "

I suddenly motionless it! Whether he is not alarmist , I compromise . He had serious indeed because it was to monitor us . Well, I would no longer have patience , the hope people watch us shoot pictures appear quickly walk away , so I can have the opportunity to slip away Yeah !

"You descort massage service o not have to change so much around it, wooden . Do not you think the music sounds good , atmosphere is also beautiful? not to care about anyone's vision, we simply enjoy the music with it. "

Yes , since this exercise must be at least paralyze yourself , after all, is now put my favorite song ah . This intention, I really have slowly relaxed and let the gorilla arm around me gently move steps , I thought even in silent sing along with lyrics .


I will not blame you for my camouflage

The angel wings of the possession of good

Thin people and you kind of reckless stupidity

How can you order me to be bumps

Small handpretty massage girl s, warm thick

You can always calm my restless nights

Not want to dream through your eyes

I just saescort girl w it in front of the original

No one can grab you from my side

You are my personal angel

Only I can exclusively

No one can replace you in my heart

Has a personal angel

Where I wish also need other


Good sense obeijing massage f beauty , this music , this atmosphere , the gorillas spent in front of handsome , I was the focus of the crowd . My heart actually rose into a false sense of Cinderella -like fantasy , and just hope that some of twelve bells to ring later , so I enjoy a little more time . But the song is over, I really do not want to go on my heart a little hint of regret .


Gorilla let go of my little bit stretched out a hand to help me pick gently opened by mask hooked hair , I looked up at him, looked at me and dream of the false prince .

"Little fiancee , we continue to dance with me? "

His voice was good gentle , so gentle in the siege , I did not clear the capacity , let alone what he said exactly what I want , I did not say anything , looked at him still magic . The second, music has also been sounded , the " Winter Sonata , " the theme song " from the beginning escort beijingto now , " Jeff Chang sing . I am re- living apes ring , this time I did not struggle , do not feel nervous , we just danced with the music . Gradually, I naturally head resting on his shoulders resting on the back of chimpanzees , orangutans close your eyes and let me move with the pace .

Orangutan right, I do not care how others have read , I only know the feeling at the moment beautiful , orangutans will be hand tightened a bit , let me closer to him, perhaps to a more comfortable point that I can rely on it . Only a small action , and my heart tightening a bit , the original , in the arms of boys will really kind of sense of security . We danced together on this third branch , the fourth of the dance , even the music of the gap and then I did not even bother to leave his arms .

" I ask






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