I still feel very confused mind

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I still feel very confused mind

"Truth is you mad , how do we not angry? children that face changing fast ! "

"Who is a child ! is my stomach to be able to pole a boat , and you do not normally experience , you can continue to say , I'm still waiting to hear of stories to tell . "

" hey , ULV cold fogger it is no , but my father 's efforts to reach the family scandal, sparked by irresponsible it ! Liu Luo Chen 's mother actually first get to know my dad , grandpa , but I strongly oppose their marriage , because a fortune teller that morning 's Los Mom can not enter the Royal door. Two years later, my father and my mother married my mother 's eyes , Luo Chen 's mother is a father love it . But who knows , in my 14 years old , The father came back to the grandfather said that he and Luo Chen 's mother has had Anti-riot shields a year-old child , he wanted children and mothers who received Los morning came . Suddenly my house a mess , my mother and father quarreled every day Every day there silently crying . Grandpa finally made a decfogger machineision, the child can come back and back to surnamed Wang , the mother , but still can not Los morning the door , but does not allow father and mother divorced . This thing was so entangled More than a year , and finally my mother so angry with me on immigration to the United States went . three years later my father catch up and tells her mother 's mother, Luo Chen Luo Chen did not agree to a change of surname seo is also unwilling to accept a sub- Royal Money to other cities in Los morning brought life to the mother and father speak This restored . everything is the responsibility of my father , or grandfather 's responsibility ! "

So , I still feel very confused mind , why tile mother and his father have been split up , after so many years she has been in the tile of this child? Since the tiles are the mother has decided not to , and Wang had connections , why should I come back with a tile ? I also then thought to wear this ring , I can not understand .

" gorilla , your story so complex , that your father and your mother have married you, they have tile and tile mother , father two children, then you must , but your mother and floor tiles of Mama do not agree? truck mountable fogging machine you and your mother to go abroad, tile , and his mother went to the field , and finally none of your father to be , right? "

" Kogaya , this is the first time you call my name , yes, explain our relationship a little sublimated Oh , but I prefer you to call me like as a child , Xing brother . "

" I prefer to call you orangutan , a name very good , very suitable for your temperament , so that your new brother ? also older brother too! easy for people to cast doubt on my character , not ! You have not answered me, I summed it up right? "

"Yes, ATSC M/H all right. but after this , the feelings between father and mother always not so good , I also understand that my mother , my father had to hide for so many years on the mother , mother, how could he restore the original Trust and rely on? or they choose not to divorce only last because I consider . my mom already is a very independent strong woman , and today 's clothing store to open my mother in the Unitthermal fogger ed States and China have developed more than 30 Stores up ! but I always think she looks busy and meet behind is still very empty . "

Really miserable aunt Yeah , I can not help her give birth to sympathy , the rich family is complicated, if not money, family Dependence making money had time to do , how would then think of Fa , they still money to blame Yeah !

Orangutan finished the story , the look remains a relaxed , as if that 's just other people's stories. I watched him deeply , mind could not help but feel sorry for him began , a 14 -year-old , is already half grown , seeing such a family can do nothing but twists and turns , especially in the face of his mother's pain Because the injury of her own father ah . It should be a very sad puberty , you are not aware of going through all that , he is the kind of mentality and feelings of loyalty to view it?

"Why not look at me , I face a flower? "

" 14 years old, should be able to puppy love , if that time there is a gentle girl in your side , with you through those days , even listen to you talk too okay! I think the most pathetic In fact, it's you ! looked like father and mother alienated , must be very dilemma it! "

I must say that the gorilla 's mind , his face became rigid , and I'm sorry , I might again inadvertently tenderness of his wound , I was so impulsive person. In order to ease the atmosphere , I immediately turn to open the topic .

"These things last a long time , do not think about , and why bother it . I would like to know what a curse in the end ring in it ! what terrible thing happened to my people? "

Gorilla with a sigh , his eyes look in my hand While this pink ring .

" This should be






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