At Before dawn

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At Before dawn
Hickory was Weiwei's call awakened. He got up with a torch, and reappeared an interesting scene. River, Weiwei and trunnion ball valve confrontation with a crocodile. Weiwei rushed forward a few meters, crocodile is vacuum packaging machine Zhangzhuotaizui, 2 front legs support the body, sharp Teeth in the flashlight irradiation makes it especially frightening. Hickory call Weiwei back, can it refuse to listen to, want to go around to the back of crocodile attacks. Hickory while it amusement ride slipped from his side past the time to seize its collar. He knows that a dog fight with the crocodile, decision Is not a crocodile wow gold rivals. Although the sharp dog teeth, but to say nothing of the crocodile, alligator Weiwei is sure to be defeated, or even pumping off the tail spine to the crocodile is also possible. Uncle, bent down grab Weiwei, Jane's light beam flashlight body from the crocodile moved slitting machine toward him. Crawled toward the river crocodile seized the opportunity. Nelson quickly flashed my torch to live it, it can not illuminate the action. At the same time, a crocodile along the light beam at the point. "While it does not drill down to the water, quickly shot! Otherwise designer reading glasses give it ran." Uncle cried. Soon as crisp of a shot After four weeks silent. Weiwei burst of barking rushed forward, but it can not crocodile scales under hard mouth. Two small partners wake up. Saier Suo kneel on the bed, surprised, and asked. "What happened?" Wadi Niu coin sorter quickly climbed to the uncle on the bed, from where he was According to two flashlight to see the crocodile, Weiwei still bite it. Wadi Niu with the emergency quickly shouted:
"Weiwei, please come home! It will bite you. Uncle, fast shot! Quickly killed the monster." "Shot did not use, Wadi Niu!" Uncle intends to try his courage, "fight their way into it Body armor A, must cut off his head. to try uk plug your tool bar! knife is? Quickly brought! "" Saier Suo, Excuse me, my pillow brought under the knife. "Wadi Niu heart 100, and said reluctantly." Now the look of your courage up. "Little brother put a sword in the past. Wadi Niu pretending not to hear, knife and handed Uncle:" Uncle, give! You strength than I am! "" No, I want to try your courage. "Uncle replied," You're not always that it will be knifed under the leopard's head? Now the first crocodile cut it! To creep up on it, and awarded it a cut neck force. Go! Do not hesitate, or else it will climb Come. "He said, while pushing Wadi inflatable bouncers Niu's shoulders." Let go of me, uncle! Do not tell me a joke! "" Hey, how our warrior freak now? "" How do you not? Knife right here. "He wanted to knife handed Saier Suo, modestly refused to be Saier Suo A: "I can not. Moreover, this knife is yours." "Let me go!" Nelson was around for Wadi Niu solution. He went to pick up the alligator side slash its head toward a few, then back to greet Wadi Niu: "you can come, it is dead." Wadi Niu So Saier Suo hermes handbag go through first to see clearly that he stepped back in the crocodile-reflective move forward, stretching out her feet to kick the alligator test test, a posture of readiness to retreat. When he confirmed that crocodiles really dead, suddenly "courageous," Get up, stand to the crocodile back, brandished a knife In a few crocodiles and crocodile!" In addition to Wadi Niu and others have come to the river, I saw custom wedding dresses the water not very deep, long belly crocodile overturned , Drowned. Members laughter together. Uncle rebuked him, saying: "Wadi Niu, I really lost confidence in you. I like you so much good has been killed and several crocodiles, and also went hunting alone into the forest. You always said that we must be able to see tiffany ring your courage, However, several opportunities are Miss you, we only see your cowardice. What a dead crocodile river terrible? "" But I do not have weapons, even knives no it! "Wadi Niu to defend themselves." Deal with the dead creatures have to use a knife? "Having said all got into the water. Only W Di Niu also stood looking where crocodiles float trance. "What are you waiting? Is coming here, less than one meter deep water too!" Said the uncle. Wadi Niu slow to offer assistance down to the water, eyes still staring at the old place can be. Water, not wow gold just the knees, he anxiously asked: "do not Dangerous? Piece of crocodile really dead? "He carelessly washed, the head of a hurry to climb the shore.






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