Strange sound

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Strange sound
Children found the uncle, then caught a big catfish, immersed in the joy stretch wrapper now suddenly heard a strange sound. Kids surprise you to see me, I see you. Wadi Niu scared snuggle into his uncle's side, staring at two big eyes, voice trembling Shake to ask: "What is that noise?" "May be only monster! You afraid now? Your knife it?" Uncle Doudou Wadi Niu intentionally. "Do not joke, bnc connector uncle!" "Look, it came. This is the largest shipping vessels Suoluo Jia Banner 'number'." Ship From across the river into the Twenty Eight River, dropped anchor near the raft. Crew and passengers were children curiously, staring at the terrifying piece of catfish. A crew member asked if they are willing to sell the fish. Saier Suo rush ahead in Hickory, head up the drums Drum replied; "We're not fishmonger!" But they do start trading uncle came, with catfish for the two petrol and four edible oil, bread and two two big guava jam. Something in return to plastic sunglasses some extent alleviate the children in this group of people hand their anti- Sense. Only Nelson would like to get more, he asked: "Uncle, that we eat what? Weiwei only eat little fish, or the rest of yesterday." "Do I empty!" Wadi Niu echoed. "Do not eat the fish you tired?" Uncle asked, "Who said I sick of Rights ? "" I did not eat tired. But I prefer to eat barbecue, even a ball valve manufacturer small piece of the Hare Krishna temple is also good. "Saier Suo said." So, after today we will not eat fish friends. Today, there are roast beaver and counterfeit detector Rouzhou dinner. "Said the uncle." Beaver? "The kids surprised and asked," You to see the ship. "My uncle said, pointing to the river boat. Cabin, tree branches covered with a beaver below. Obviously, those branches are used to block sun and the flies, the children asked:" What is that you play for? "" Yesterday late at night, my hand aches bad , Has a fever, plus wanted was you, how could not wow gold sleep. Crack of dawn, I heard something coming from the river towards shack. I squatted down and saw it was just the beaver. I reached out from the pile of leaves around guns. The thing to hear the sound, stopped About. I just took the opportunity to be aimed, shot and hit it. Nelson, you be careful peeling, it is prada handbag very good-looking skin, with white spots and stripes, do not torn. "Nelson to beaver skinned, chopped a small piece of meat again put into the pot, do not look around To the stone and had to use three pieces of wood ac plug sticks hanging from the shelf above the pot. They put a pot with good flour side down and cool, while stew with palm leaves, while listening to his uncle about this experience:
"Shallow? What bank?" Wadi Niu prom dresses interrupted. "Shallow water is flat, shallow water areas in particular." Uncle continued, "I rest a few minutes, the two rocks in the middle of pushing the bow, adjusting the motor position, it had little awkward on keeping the boat the Balance. I then used a hand scoop the water the boat clean, well fitted to the motor, driving a boat fled towards the shore. There encountered a strong flow - is to put your raft in the sense of rushing water - so I came here. On landing, I Quickly took off his clothes hanging in the branches, but when the tiffany bracelet sun has been going down the mountain. Fortunately, keeping matches well with my clothes dryer fire, roasted warm the body. Then I take this with a palm leaf shack. I was hungry, went wild fruit trees. I picked Three or four out side under a tree by a beaver gnawing off wild fruit tasted, felt very delicious. Later, see a Po Peach, fruit are ripe, I really want something to satisfy hunger Abstract, but the wholesale wedding dresses tree is high, hand wound pains, not climb. Off the ground and both are to Insects and birds to bite off "" Po peach Where? I pick! "Nelson said." Go tomorrow! Now late. Well, dinner is also fast. "My uncle said, and saw Nelson come up with two bottles, he asked:" What, Nelson? "" Two vials of carbon Acid ball valve sodium. Have you taken your medicine for three hours, and should eat once every three hours until the inflammation disappeared. "" I'm almost better. No fever, head and not hurt, and want to eat. "" Have to change the medicine amusement ride before bed, the wound will not take a few days Scab. "






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