The stars disappear

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The stars disappear
Children are exhausted, one off to sleep. Morning, Nelson woke up the first one near the river looked at the sky. Stars fading, Easternglobe valvegray dawn lot of attention. He fell asleep the night before last. Uncle is not, he mustmiumiu bagconsider their situation, Tam Assume the responsibility of a big brother. Now, he finally found a way back to the tent patting little brother who's shoulders, gently remind them of: "Wake up! We have a lot going to do! You forget uncle now? He was a person the woods, no bed, nor Coffee, certainly in the hope that we go! "" My uncle was really poor. "Saier Suo said." Mercy is not that time. We should dry up. To thecoaxial cablelast meal that we trying to chop bamboo garden bamboo, make a raft, by raft to find his uncle. We First coffee cooked, packed in thermos bottle, the magic draft was ready yesterday, and then bring the fish to eat on the road, we have collated the first thing on here, and sostrapping machinetied up the raft and then move back. "
Five hours later, a five-meter-long raft made of three meters wide. Rafts from the cross of two bamboo poles bound together if they had not only big, strong buoyancy. They used two-meter-long bambooconstruction machinerypole for poles, with another pole to support the end of the raft when the rudder, again a more than 10 kilograms of stone Head bound with a double strand rope, tied the other end instead of an anchor, they placed the luggage ready to move to the middle raft, fromdiscount wedding dressesWadi Niu at the helm, Nelson and Saier Suo to Penny ashore one, big, and heavy bamboo raft down the water flow will steadily drove forward. Over the past three hours , And found no trace of the boat, and Uncle. Bamboo raft through the right side of anbridal dressesestuary, where they exchange with the two rivers, the river suddenly to more than 800 meters wide. Great flow to the left bank of the river raft washed. Wadi Niu quickly shore rudder, steady trying to raft the river The middle. Nelson stopped him and said, let raft washed the water flows to the left bank of the good, uncle through here, sure it will be rushed to the left bank currents. It seems not too farwow goldaway uncle, synthesized trumpet talking with his hands and cried out towards the river bank.
Determine the position of the sun, when at least three in the afternoon before the project is. They have been sailing for almost five hours. Nelson's a terrible idea: what uncle is unfortunately not be met. However, in order to not cause panic brothers, He said not a word. Saier Suo feelswedding gownsvery diligent and kept paddling in the moment with Penny. "I'm hungry" Wadi Niu said. "I" Sai Ersuo echoed Road. "Let's stop the raft on the shore, eat a little fried fish it!" Nelson said, "I Can use this time to catch a fish, stay in the evening or tomorrow at noon to eat. "Then he went down a few hooks. Just after dinner, raft suddenly jolted, almost without them thrown into the river. Rafts turn a circle, holding somethingtiffany ringlike that to be the same as an hour Forward speed of 10 km, the children first alarm, which in turn gets excited: "we also have a motor!" "Must be a big fish on the hook. Oh, great! It dragged us away. More interesting. big fish Yes, you should never swim back. "Nelson said. Raft hurtling two or three hundred meters, to the deep water. Here the smooth flow, raft stopped. "Run away?!", "Too bad! It dragged us to go more than okay!" "Do not go to escape. It is the underwater break it! We let it rest for a while, and then pull rope Sub it will drag us further to go, "Nelson said tone iswholesale nfl jerseyscertainly. Because raft of bumps appeared uneasy Weiwei overlooking the river. Suddenly it wagged his tail softly cried. A beginning, a child were trying to fish without notice Weiwei of movement. After a child, increasing the voice of Weiwei, is obviously a happy barking. Children come ashore for a look back, 200 meters away, sittingelectric ball valvein a fig tree Hickory was waving it at them. "Uncle, Uncle Hickory!" Saier Suo and Wadi Niu flow Down the tears, they desperately jumped and shouted, not at all reluctant to jump wildly crazy raft will have stepped powder. Weiwei barkingcooling fanto jumping into the water to go with the children before finally hold it.






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