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Junior partner
Lunch, Saier Suo uncle came around, head down, avoiding his uncle's eyes, murmured: "Uncle, forgive me. Because the fish jumped straight in front, I think a little bit closer, it solved cable. I never thought forget to re-leash ... ... "Wadi vacuum sealer Niu surprised Looked Saier Suo, just about to say, see Nelson wink at him, indicating he would not speak, Only to swallow back then, Hickory There must see the article, he turned his glance gate valve turned to Vati New York. Wadi Niu touch face, scratched his head, looked at the fire loss Heap. After a child, he resolutely stood up, looking at the uncle said: "I untied the rope. Saier Suo excuse for me to say. I, I ... ..." Wadi Niu links of london bracelet she went past, clinging tightly the Saier Suo. Hickory hugged two children, said: "I feel high construction equipment for you Hing. You have done well, very honest, very brave, very difficult when active. Nelson came up with the best way to get you out of danger. You, Saier Suo, which is clearly the fault of little brother, take care of his young. Assumed responsibility for their own 2.4 antenna These are very valuable. Little brother dared to admit mistakes is also very rx safety glasses valuable. "We locked in an embrace, Weiwei is also pleased to have pranced in the next, then, uncle told:" Now do this: we sailed away to a hundred meters away from the rapids, the Discharge to shore things and moved downstream to, and then I sailed through the rapids. Otherwise there is the danger of capsize. Some avoid the shallow draft boat ran aground. "" Draft? Ship can also draft? "Wadi Niu asked." Draft is the depth of the hull into the water. Objects contained in the weight The greater the deeper the draft, that cheerleading uniforms is, part of the hull into the water more. "My uncle was a simple explanation for a moment. Boat fled to the downstream along the riverbanks. Rushing water sound getting louder and louder. The water in the sun a dazzling silver. Dangdang steadily boat parked in front of a small forest Shore, they all moved to shore things on board.
Hickory a person to replica handbag board the boat. Motor rings, boat slowly bypass in the middle of the reef. Children are amazed to see Uncle firmly control the boat, who do not believe there is any danger. "I do not understand Baishu Shu Why not take us to. Have been so many rapids , And what did not the thing ah! "Saier Suo said." Oh yeah, you see a boat, a Great Britain Great Britain, and down, and more fun! If we are on board time! "Wadi Niu added with." Tongue, a! Hickory uncle did not see it dangerous? Although he is now Linked to reverse gear, but ed hardy clothing the boat or in the forward slip. The power of water power Bima Da bigger too! "Nelson exclaimed. Riverbed middle of a huge rock to flow into two shares. Uncle, homeopathy along the left channel control boat down, faster and faster. Neil Song aware of the dangerous situation, nervously watching his uncle's every move. More frightening is the Hickory suddenly stood up: 100 m distance in front of another exchange two shares of water together to form. a large vortex.
When Hickory wedding dress from the vortex appears, as the boat out of the more than 50 meters. He waved his arms desperately swam to the boat. I saw the tail boats submerged in the water, Alice bow out of the water, quickly rushed forward, farther and farther away from his uncle. Hickory uncle did not lose heart. He Water after the ship caught dragging a rope for emergencies. Who knows where the river suddenly turned the corner, uncle, and the boat disappeared. Two brothers cried wildly, Nelson tiffany necklace had to stop them aloud: "What is the use of crying? Go, We're almost to the corner of the , Where perhaps fall to find his uncle. Always a way. "" As far as we can do it? "My brother asked." On us? We are not three people? Hickory uncle can do? On him to the end! "" Poor uncle, certainly was wet all over, no food, how What night? "" Never mind, he took, and a small sealed tube, there are matches. Just make boat stopped, he cheap wedding dresses would boat over and pour the water clean. Unfortunately, certain motor into the water, can no longer use, uncle, and no band instruments. Come on, I They walk along the river, take knife and. "Soon be dark, a bamboo block his path. Bamboo as a wall along the river stretch from the dense forest." Now how do? "" Had no choice but to return the resident to take advantage of the night was not yet dark. "Bamboo geomembrane forest before leaving, the children once again call Oh uncle, and then put his hands behind the block awaiting a reply in the ear. What echo did not.






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