Eyes and nose

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Eyes and nose
Venom spread quickly. A few minutes later, Weiwei's head had swollen twice the size of the original, the globe valves eyes narrowed in a crack. Its ears, mouth, eyes and nose are constantly bleeding, and shrink wrapper finally lie down and not move it. Children and with great difficulty that it carried to the fire Heap next. Wadiniutuo with Weiwei's head in sorrow to sob. Hickory uncle it is injected into the body of the packs enough venom to poison Weiwei than it weighs three times a big cow. The lighter weight requires greater the amount of anti-poison. "" Look, it's just better than breathing, and no bleeding. "Nelson said. The children cheeky china valve Radiant with joy, hugged his uncle up excitedly: "If it was not his uncle, lovely Weiwei would have been dead." "This is not links of london my credit, thanks to the famous Brazilian Victoria McDowell ? Blasi. Was his first in Brazil made of antivenom, save tens of thousands of people. "
Children jumped up gps antenna and shouted: "Long live Blasi!" "Uncle Hickory Long live!" The children hand in hand as he jumped forward, shouting. Hickory uncle dragged out send the corpse back. Snake has a meter and a half long, so thick as wrists, snake's neck and broke his fast by dog bites, But it dior handbag was still quite full head triangle. Uncle brushed aside with a twig snake's mouth, revealing two large fangs. "If Weiwei entangled by it will certainly have been strangled." "No, Saier Suo. Snakes generally are not wrapped around the animal. They only use the venom to Harm other animals. Only those who have no walk in tub snake was huge with its own contraction force as a means of defense. "Uncle explained." So, how to distinguish poisonous snakes and non-poisonous snakes do? "" We have a couple of ways to identify them: snakes head of small neck, like the iron lance Head. Head and body scales is no different. And wow gold no more snakes, snake eyes more small; in appearance, not shiny snake scales, then a short, thin tail, non-poisonous snake's tail length, gradually thinning, like rats tails. "" Today I do not sleep Feel the. I want to stay with Weiwei here. "Wadi Niu said.
Uncle go into the woods whistling imitation of birds. Attracted birds call up several places. He wedding gowns recently went over to a group of birds. Only heard the whistle and the bird in his uncle to each other. Soon came the gunshot. After a child, then came the whistles and Birds singing, then another gunshot. Uncle carrying two fat birds back, the children were happy to go Dian Ledian their own weight. "Great was almost like a bald chicken tail." "Stretch out? Why do not you play end?" "Adequate. The cheap designer handbags bird was, and brown rice Ye eat with the stew. After breakfast I went to get some cut down a palm tree palm leaves. "" Well, we went to take a bath! "Nelson cried. Only the uncle, and Nelson jumped into the water. Two bridesmaid dresses little guys just standing by the river of water poured some cold water to the cup, they said it was" pans Bath. "Sun just rising on the horizon they sail sailing. More than a week of travel, so that the children's skin has been tanned, they are sleeping 9 every day, 10 hours, so very full of spirit. Cold water bath cured Sai Ersuo of bronchitis, Had become very pale faces ruddy. He has no longer afraid of the cold water. Hickory said ed hardy hoodies happily: "When we got home, my mother will happily see you said to me: 'Hickory, you can really god ah.'" Almost noon, uncle by boat To the left bank, said construction machinery he would look around the patch of forest to look at the lower rapids, the boat went he told Nelson fried fish.






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