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Sky overcast, misty rain. Coldball valve manufacturerwater droplets falling from the trees, landed on top tent, like the rhythm of the drums clearly. 7:00 or so, the kids who do not want to leave a warm blanket. Hickory uncle was enthusiastically exclaimed: "how, children Son who, we go swimming! "" Oh, so cold still go swimming? "" It ispressure reducing valvegood to warm the day we go swimming. You remember, the whole trip, cold bath every morning is the first thing to do. "Sai Ersuo side for swimming trunks, While muttered: "What else are good, nothing to say that day is not bright out of bed, but also to the cold water go swimming, too ... .... Furthermore, we are on holiday after all. Holiday Well, on the To enjoy, to do whatever. at home I really do notwow goldwant to get up, my mother said, 'Come on get up, Saier Suo, so let the summer, you want to sleep when all lines are lines that lie down at noon. 'Also, using a hot water bath at home, here theferris wheelwater is cold cold cold. "Here He looked toward the river, the water was floating on the wind last night to the floating grass. Although he wrapped the body with a bath cloth, or direct name of chills, nose constantly held the water exhaled air, as if smoke emitted by white smoke. Hickory uncle and Nelson slowly into the water. River Last night a storm water is causing unrest in some muddy, but the riverbed sand and rocks still faintly visible. Saier Suo and Wadi Niu, stood on a stone, holding out his hand ventured the water temperature, can not help but pour breath ofsoccer jerseysair-conditioning: "My God, so cool!"
Strange, Hickory uncle and Nelson with both hands and whole body of water to dilute them to pour too wet, they Daofan not afraid, uncle picked up a wooden head-throwing distance to go very willingly Diao Weiwei back. It seemed more willing to go with children playing on this Old-fashioned place would have lost interest in carrying back Wadi Niu throw it out the other small pieces ofprom dresseswood, the immediate potential to the water, swam Jing Zhichao Nelson, at his side came up again. Nelson quickly got into the water, intended to escape. But, too late, no When he Qianrushuidi, Weiwei has once again into the water, fastened on his shorts, hehandbag wholesalepulled up, everyone burst of laughter, rushed to embrace the brave Weiwei. Only Nelson a bit dejected, embarrassed on the side, over his torn to Weiwei Pants, when the uncle and small partners lined up to do gymnastics when he led his liglaceswedding dressesand said: "get your name wrong, you should be called 'Lick' ... ... The river is so beautiful! I do not understand why the government does not publicize publicize it. Town So many people live poor A poor life, Sao Paulo suburb, many people can only live in huts or foreign metal barricaded inside the broken house. They moved here to plant the corn, soybean, rice and vegetables, but also chicken, it desired that! Even so, as we have lines in the evening put the hook, The next morning a big fish can groan. "" You're akitchen furnituregrain of truth, Nelson, in this piece of fertile land, only the lazy will be poor. However, the river is not always the case. We just catch fish feeding season. As the lack of rain this season , Reduced water, water level lower, so only come here to feed the fish and recharge your batteries. Once the rainy season, floods, also to the fish breeding season, so they must take advantage of the time is now less water grow big, fat, in order to have sufficient strength in Flooding in thedc breakerstream and waterfall in the long-distance migration. "" Why do they have to migrate it? "" Fish upstream. Female fish is in full spawn. If the lower reaches of the waterfall, rapids to spawn, water depth current is swift and laid eggs can easily be washed away, it is difficult to breed . They can only go upstream, to those streams, low-lying land or a small lake to spawn. Where many plants, avoid direct sunlight, the eggs will not have to be washed away. At such times, theydesigner clothesare no longer eating. Otherwise they will eat their own eggs have hatched or Of small fish can not live independently. In the fish breeding season, a variety of fish, like a torrent, as acrobats jump, ah, for ever and struggling to swim upstream. The body had tooil filterconsider themselves unlucky to remain weak in the following, can not breed. This is called natural selection or Are called natural selection. "Here, Hickory has changed the subject:" You might not understand the river on theembroidery machineTwenty Eight, though you are along its travel, I am sure you do not know its origin, its tributaries and its end. "






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