Tomorrow at noon

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Tomorrow at noon
"Many years ago, Sao Paulo state, once the sand butterfly valve was Winters City whirlwind attack. In reporting the disaster, the then newspaper called 'sand Winters hurricane'. In its place after all the houses and trees have been destroyed, or even grab near the river The jungle is also out a wide channel. Number of pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, and even beasts of burden are volumes to heaven, then fell, some fell to his death, some falls. The newspaper said there were a large carts full of wood was large Kazamaki out more than 200 meters outside the distance , Tornadoes can put a big stone floor Scrape the air ... ... "Hickory uncle just about to go globe valve on a sudden flash of lightning pierced the sky, is followed by a loud noise, came a great distance 200 m tree to Piduan voice. This tightly grasping a loud noise scared Wadi Niu Living uncle's arm, two terrified eyes staring wide open, showing other people cytisine restless, and no one moving nest. "How's going on, Wadi Niu, do you think I am lightning rod?" Funny uncle asked him.
"Well, what if the existence of a smell?" Nelson said. "This is the ozone is oxygen allotrope. So long in college you will understand the phenomenon of the chemical." "Well, how mine is going on?" "Positively charged, some clouds of heaven, Some fendi handbag negative charge. When they contact each other, they will not happen. However, the role of the wind to make them close to a certain extent, it will because the discharge and cause an explosion. It's an explosion and then spread to other clouds, or mountain, it produces a series of echo, this indoor playgrounds is what we hear To the rumbling, rumbling of thunder. The lightning is an electrical spark caused the explosion. "
"So when the clouds and cloud meet why many spark discharge would be dropped on the floor?" The "earth is always the cathode, which means that it is not positively charged. Rainstorm, the air very humid, high altitude temperatures in comparison low, so playground slides the ground of hot air rising . Hot air rises to the clouds close to positively charged, the charge is generated, this charge can sense the ground occurred, so that the ground cloud produced and the nature of the opposite charge. On the ground, trees are most likely to attract the charge, easy to pull over wow gold lightning. Therefore , Storms, we should not hide under a tree and can not and sheep, horses, pigs stay with, because they easily lead to discharge. "Explained over, Hickory uncle stood up and said:" It seems that we have fish to eat at noon today, and just when I am lightning Climate, see the fishing line tied to tree branches in the rock. "Children are excited to follow him. Strong light flashlight TV drama quilting machine kitchen cabinets trees. Sure enough, the branches in the violent shaking. We cried happy. Hickory uncle flashlight to Nelson, have cast off the fishing line. A few point Minutes, he exhausted his might, subdued piece struggling big fish. So its head close to the shore then we would recognize them, it was a big flower fish, fish that are not run as anything the matter, as it swallowed the whole hook. Hickory uncle back to fishing line Tied to a tree, ready to close up again after dawn. They had just climbed to the shore, Saier dc cable Suo suddenly ran shouting towards tents. Wadi Niu screamed, turned and tightly hugged his uncle, he almost hit river. The original has a giant toad dazzled by bright lights, Decumbent motionless, Nelson grabbed a stick to play, Hickory uncle stopped him and was about to hold a monster Weiwei toward Na Zhi. "Hey, it's not poisonous? No, it was the white spray venom into the bismuth oxychloride eyes, the person would become blind you ? "Nelson asked." However, "his uncle replied," While people in other animals it harmful, but then good for crops. It can capture the pests. Moreover, not all frogs are poisonous, and only we can see that this is the poisonous toad. It's head and The back of the glands to produce a discount wedding dresses white venom, if oppression of its glands, the juice can emit 50 cm away. However, this juice is only through the mouth, nose, eyes or stomach mucosa will produce toxic, we hand touch him on the back, there is no danger Insurance. If Weiwei mouth graffiti it, then finished. Because currently there is no drug can do to deal with such venom. "Uncle Hickory finish loaded with knowledge of toxic toads, rain, dense up. The nike trainers farmers are turned into pouring rain. Later, the wind stopped, Rain is also smaller, tick hit the tent, the rhythmic, hypnotic music as if his children into a sleep. "Brave" Wadi Niu first to fall asleep, uncle asked him if he forgot the knife on the pillow next to him did not answer.






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