Water hook

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Water hook
Wadi Niu and dogs Weiwei made friends, he sat in the bow of steam trap a small stool, arms around puppy's neck, stroking it that the black stripe in the head with a gray spot. To show appreciation, Weiwei lick the hand of the master, and then squatted there, saliva flowing out of the red tongue Head, eyes dead Siding on the hook, as if ready to flutter down on its prey. Hickory uncle has long been its rigorous training, the church is to throw wow gold something in the water Diao back. At this time, Uncle Hickory side firmly control the boat, side reminded of the Note that the jet spray soft play billowing home. As the slow speed, the engine roaring sound of rushing water sound was drowned. Waves slapped against the rocks above the water daunting, but the risk is definitely the reefs are underwater, and only careful observation of waves of change, it To determine where there is an ambush in the underwater reef.
Find its way torrent, they turn off the machine, so that boat was sailing optical frames manufacturer downstream. Here the smooth flow of cross-strait dense forest, the first time since they left to see such beautiful scenery. Time is 16 o'clock, they docked the boat in the steep bank.off Under the wet clothes, put on a shirt Uncle Hickory. He looked very funny, amused laugh partners. Who would have thought that matrices laughter amusement park equipment irritated him, he solemnly said: "I'd like to see you who like me, swim in the rapids?! ... ..." "Swimming , To have you as you travel the law? Just like a stone, and he kept to the water under the drill! "Nelson ridiculed Road." Of course, swimming! Blocking water to the eyes to see clear direction before I centrifuge go to the bottom downstream. Swim to the bottom, my head hit a rock, so I Started for migration, breath and swam out of the water. Weiwei still depend on me to help Indians call this Species of fish called 'Bidu La fish' or 'Biladuba fish', in the led christmas light Guarani language is 'goldfish' means. The first colonists came here when called 'El Dorado'. The fish smell is beautiful, and looking back we personally taste. "" Do not forget the poor Weiwei. Starting to play With the exception of a few pieces of bread I give, it has not eaten anything too! "Wadi Niu said." Oh yeah. But do not worry, Wadi Niu, your savior can immediately yangkeng the. We are prepared for it minced meat mixed with flour. Wild deer and the next encounter Guinea pigs. We and plenty of good things to eat it. "
The help of two partners, Nelson bismuth oxychloride cleared a place, with Jian Lai's kindled a fire of dry branches, and in the fire, put up tents and camp beds. Nelson give full play to his talent, and even had a can of food and cooking up the shelves. Child Some children are picked up from the river stones, sticks from a metal frame. and aluminum pot. In addition, they also find a trunk and a few bamboo poles, tied up, bake Wadi Niu wet clothes. Hickory uncle, the laser engraving machine fish cut into small pieces and sprinkle with salt, down the pan. The smell of fried fish distribution in the air immediately Gas, the empty stomachs of these people already feel more hungry. Even Weiwei also left its partners Wadi Niu, next to the fire, out it was wet black nose to the smell of chloe handbag greed, everyone is ready enamel plate and fork, Uncle Hickory The magic draft was ready for all the fish points. They sit on the floor to eat it with relish. To save time, Uncle Hickory side while eating fried fish, each hack piece on the dth to stir a while soot. We are voracious, no time for talk. Children Of used cooking pots and dishes washed clean, one by one on the shelf. At this time the weather is getting colder. They blanket wrapped in the body, sitting by the fire. Let Wadi Niu fed full by Weiwei came near the fire, squatted on small owner. Raising new era caps it to his neck high More than sitting in the Wadi Niu also higher than one. It is quietly watching the fire, seemed to listen to children talk. Late at night, cool breeze whipped through the tall canopy. The rushing sound of distant rapids overshadowed the rustle of leaves. Deep in the jungle, a group of vultures perched on tall Between branches fork into the cloud. They issued the rhythmic sounds, like someone blowing Ocarina, two tiffany necklace little guys eyes wide open, anxious look at his uncle. Uncle is mentioned casually that the sound of "It was a group of vultures." So they add to the fire, a thick trunk, the Their bed to bed.






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