Fancy dress parties and costumes are all about having fun

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Dressing up is part of the fun and excitement of Cinco de Mayo. You can either dress up in a Mexican costume or choose traditional Mexican clothing. No matter which way you go, you will have more fun and you will look fantastic. Go all out, do not be shy!

If you choose a costume, it is easy to put one together. Dress up as a musician with a flowing white shirt, black slacks, and a large traditional sombrero. If you can find a serape, throw it over one shoulder and carry a guitar to finish the look. Mariachi costumes are often available at costume shops or online if you want to look truly authentic.Tiffany co

Halloween is also known as Samhain, which in other traditions marks the end of the third and final harvest, and is a day to commune with and remember the dead, and is a celebration of the eternal cycle of reincarnation. Samhain is mostly followed by the Wiccan and many Pagan religions.Tiffany jewelry

In European traditions, Halloween is the night when the old god dies, and the crone goddess mourns him deeply for the next six weeks. The popular image of her as the old Halloween hag stirring her cauldron comes from the Celtic belief that all dead souls return to her cauldron of life, and are reborn.

Fancy dress parties and costumes are all about having fun. It's a great way to celebrate any social occasion, and there will always be more costumes available every year, with the release of every new movie blockbuster or scary film. This year's examples have been the re-introduction of Freddy Krueger's latest adventure on the big screen, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and Iron Man 2.ed hardy handbags






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