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ASPEX SEM Introduction

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Since 1992

In 1992, ASPEX Corporation introduced the “PC” of scanning electron microscopes, the ASPEX personal SEM.  The automated particle analyzer—based on integrated SEM-EDS technology—is ASPEX’s flagship product.  The ASPEX PSEM has consistently provided customers with a reliable workhorse solution for their particle analysis needs-particle size, shape and elemental composition.  Since the first introduction of the PSEMTM innovations and improvements in component technology, robust form. factors and software enhancements have allowed ASPEX to continue to offer superior solutions to a variety customer’s needs of the last 15 years.

Today, ASPEX has expanded its product line to include three separate platforms, each targeting various market needs in the areas of particle identification and characterization.  These instrument platforms utilize state-of-the are components, such as the latest in SDD technology, which allows higher throughput, exceptional performance, and quality; robust form. factors suited for lab to harsh industrial environments; and a user interface designed to support a wide range of experience for SEM operators.

ASPEX Corporation offers a seamless, totally integrated solution, combining high magnification imaging and elemental compositional analysis-with automated control software, a complete set of statistical analysis and reporting tools, and comprehensive data management and data integrity solutions-as a single package.  Additional FDA compliance features enable the ASPEX systems to meet IQ/OQ standards, provide total audit trail, and adhere to the requirements of cGMP facilities.  The result is one system from a single vendor-with unmatched performance, at a cost of ownership that is significantly lower than the cost of purchasing and operating separate components.  No other vendor can make these claims.

That’s why leading organizations in industrial, military and forensic communities, including FDA regulated environments, continue to turn to ASPEX in order to address their most demanding micro contamination and quality control requirements. 

ASPEX can help your company to achieve high performance by supplying automated micro contamination quality-control systems to customers with particle contamination and manufacturing cleanliness issues, as well as innovative microanalysis solutions for monitoring product quality and inspecting medical devices.

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how ASPEX technology can help your organization achieve new standards of excellence.

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