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扫描电镜ASPEX MQA-Metals Cleanliness Rating™ software.

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Now supporting Global Steel Cleanliness Standards.

Pittsburgh, PA – June 7th, 2010 – ASPEX today announced the release of its next generation steel analysis software; the MQA-Metal Cleanliness Rating™ (MQA-MCR). The Metals Quality Analyzer™ (MQA) has already broken through with industry leading performance analysis & reporting capabilities and now modern steel making producers can rely on the MQA not only for process monitoring but also non-metallic inclusion cleanliness ratings to make critical decisions. ASPEX MQA-Metals Cleanliness Rating™ (MQA-MCR) software affords the operator the ability to rapidly scan polished steel samples and characterize inclusions for their morphology and chemistry.
6Mk:Z)l};wy:@/P)@%UR0Utilizing stringer profiling software, the MQA leverages X-ray characterization to take cleanliness ratings beyond standard optical micrographs – steelmakers will now have the ability to automatically identify inclusions more reliably prior to reporting and eliminate time consuming data review steps. This leads to more efficient operators and improved cost savings.  Relevant international standards can be selected and reported in the proper formats.  Among the currently supported standards are ASTM E45 and E2142, JIS G 0555 and ISO.分析测试百科网Pga]/P:|k}

n"_ H C|)I0“When we first launched the MQA™ platform. in 2008 our intention all along was to expand the product functionality.  Adding a metal cleanliness rating for multiple international specifications was a natural extension the market was asking for,” said Tom Powers, Director of Global Marketing at ASPEX. “The initial response from the steel community encouraged ASPEX to continue its development path and now that the MQA™ has spread to the international marketplace, we realized that ASPEX & the MQA have taken the next step in the evolution of world class support to the entire steel industry.”分析测试百科网"s7v:vpV~

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ABOUT ASPEX:ASPEX is the leading provider of integrated microanalysis solutions for a wide range of critical cleanliness, microcontamination analysis, product purity, contamination diagnostics, predictive maintenance, and other process control initiatives incorporating scanning electron microscopes and elemental analysis technologies. The company’s custom solutions are at work in a variety of application-specific tasks in the steel, forensics, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries. Its full-service headquarters are located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Additional information about ASPEX and its tools for particle size analysis is located at






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