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Calcium aluminates, the product of combining of calcium oxide and aluminum oxide at high temperatures, is an additive which reduces sulphur content of the steel (see McGannon, “The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel”, United Steel Corporation, 10th edition, 1985, 489-90). 分析测试百科网 X t4iN1eD2L,Vv

YEV+\E(a'f/qQ!n@0Commonly found in the production of cements and steel refineries, calcium aluminates are used as artificial slag in the steel making process. The benefits of using this synthetic slag include:

  • Reduced consumption of lime or dolomite
  • Energy savings in furnaces
  • Removal of sulfur and other inclusions from the steel

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In addition to these benefits, the synthetic slag is also a cost-effective way to produce quality steel.

Used mostly in the refining ladle, the calcium aluminates based slag can be used to remove the sulfide impurities from the liquid steel. Steel cleanliness is important in steelmaking; too many impurities can cause defects in the steel, making it brittle. Careful planning and attention is essential to make a quality product, and the use of analytical software and scanning electron microscopes has become increasingly popular.

The Aspex Personal Scanning Electron Microscope (PSEM) equipped with the Metal Quality Analyzer (MQA™) software, becomes a quick in process inclusion composition analyzer tool. The MQA can provide information to save the steel maker time and money, such as if nozzles are clogged due to calcium aluminates, if the calcium additives are optimal for castability, or if the quality of the steel meets the company’s standards.  Since the MQA analysis is quick, changes can be made to the process before the steel process is completed.  This should result in less heats that are not the correct product which will be more money saved.

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Since the MQA uses the electron beam to scan for inclusions, it is able to quickly identify the location of and determine the size of the inclusions in the steel. After the inclusion is sized, then the EDX detector is used to identify the composition of the inclusion. The system is programmed to scan quickly but measure accurately so there is less time spent on analyzing areas that are not of interest.

The Aspex PSEM loaded with the MQA software is a fully integrated SEM/EDX analytical machine, capable of identifying and analyzing steel inclusions, and automatically reporting the results during the steelmaking process. The PSEM is an efficient, time- and money-saving addition to any steel line.




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