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141Leaders of the European Union (EU) and the United States (U.S.) met April 30, 2007 in Washington, DC, and a Framework Agreement ( Agreement ). The bulletin of EU and the U.S. belief that there is a stronger transatlantic oakley sunglasses economic integration and development of society and are easier to convince the competitiveness of their economies Fendi Sunglasses and other countries in the implementation model TSA respect for property rights, open to investment, transparencyoakley sunglass and predictability of regulation and the value of free markets .???? They reaffirmed their commitment to designate the 2005 EU-US to strengthen economic integration and development, and the commitments the June 2006 summit ray ban sunglasses was to reduce barriers to trans-Atlantic commercial framework contains a series of agreements. The European Union and the United States c reated a Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) for monitoring progress towards achieving the Sunglasses objectives of the Framework Decision, including identification of strategic objectives. ECT is administered by a U.S. cabinet official in the Executive Office of the President, Allan Hubbard, and now a representative MBT shoes of the European Commission in cooperation with the EU Presidency, currently Vice-President G眉nter Verheugen. The EU and the U.S. agreed to reduce a series of measures to promote cooperation and regulatory restrictions, MBT M.Walk Shoes including cooperation: promoting cooperation in the fields of agriculture, sanitary, phytosanitary and food security, reduction of animal testing for cosmetics research and test procedures looks different, simplified administrativeMBT Chapa procedures for the regulation of medicines, expansion of cooperation in the initiatives of the OECD estimate risks, good laboratory practice and the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of chemicals and the risks of nanomaterials. Adopted a series of measures to protect intellectual property rights, including Gucci sunglasses the establishment of rules for the exchange of information regarding alleged violations of the and the development of joint technical assistance for harmonization of patent laws to improve the system. In innovation and technology? Agreed that to maintain a high level conference on innovation in health-related industries and a workshop on best practices .???? Innovation policy will create a work plan to promote interoperability of health records, and a work plan based on science, work on eco-efficient bio-based products .???? CHANEL sunglassesThe second reason for the First World War, 3rd Police new Copyright? Or they might immediately kill DGS American Empire and the European Union, and try liberty. But seriously, its probably done to boost North American Union as a counterweight to the European Union. The only good thing to come to such a union would be absolute proof of English language and the belief that the only viable international language! Do not forget to mention that all your friends in French and see how fast the model will be relegated! I do not see what is wrong with these transnational groups. Well, at the end of the free market in Western Europe and clean government of Mexico. What could go wrong?







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