a bond woman

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Brigade to which we belonged, as was demonstrated by reference to the morning reports. This difference in our favor was  NFL Jerseys Authentic , NFL Jerseys Youth  due, no doubt, in a measure, to the cleanly habits of the men as well as to the sanitary discipline to which they were subjected. The first death, occurring in the regiment after we left home took place on the 12th of September. The more prevalent diseases were diarrhea of an obstinate type, and typhoid and typhus fever. Jaundice also, whether a disease or symptom, was remarkably common. The high moral character which the regiment presented whe NFL Jerseys Cheap , NFL Jerseys Sale  n it left home, it fully sustained; one hundred and twenty of the men enrolling their names on the Chaplain's list as " soldiers of the cross." A sanitary report, made to the Medical Department by the surgeon, dated December 31st, closes with the following statement. " The men have been well clothed, and, with exceptions creditably rare, have been cleanly and temperate in their habits." The evenings being long, there was much spare time for social enjoyments, and for various amusements. These opportunities were well improved in patronizing the city theater, but, more especially in social gatherings at the tents of the officers, telling and hearing stories,  NFL Jerseys Wholesale , P90X , P90X DVD  laying euchre, &c. About this time a new source of amusement discovered itself in the character of an intelligent contraband by the name of Joe, employed'as servant to one of the officers. Joe was a genuine specimen of the genus Virginia " dark." Though in the service of one officer, his irresistible comicalities were as unconfinable as his essential fragrance and, were therefore, the property of the regiment. His childlike simplicity, apparent credulity and inimitable expres  P90X Workout , P90X Workout Schedule  sions of wonder at the true or over-drawn accounts of Yankee customs, rendered him an attractive object, to the victims of dull care. He had been released from slavery by McClellan's advance on the Peninsula, and had attended that army through the most active stage of its campaign, so that, though ignorant of northern customs, he had been unprofitably familiar with the "peculiar" institution, and had witnessed some stirring battle scenes. Toward his kind, he appeared to have attachments not very unlike those recognized by white folks! He s Turbo Fire , Slendertone System Abs pent hours in setting forth the moral excellence of his parents. His father, who he said was a preacher, had died several years before. His mother he adored, but alas! she was a bond woman, under the galling yoke of slavery. Joe would have almost given his life to rescue her. Besides, he






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