10.In June 2004,

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In June 2004, the day morning to go to the mountains to the north mandarin driving a new development yanqing tourist attractions in cost and negotiate group receives arrangement. In his start in the car, below the house from the autumn haze flew down and gave him a bottle of tea just handed over and told him g ghd hair straightenersood tea must pay attention to safety, the way to go back to early early. At that time, people who don't think, this is the life and death among them farewell. On the way back in the afternoon, li, badaling higMoncler jackets hway called "death valley", because of the aquarian, by a braking performance, and driving fast trucks crashed to turn oMoncler ver. Mandarin is the mechansm by the police rushed to arrive in Beijing in qinghe "emergency center." 999 Although the hospital to rescue treatment, but the mandarin for his injuries. After police department responsible for theMoncler jackets sale accident that the driver should bear the responsibility. To pay damages, mental suffering, death, living in 11 m ghd  hairhaze quiet life, mandarin in the car accident, she left her son and went to the husband, the death compensation. With her husband about the life for the cost of these money, often holding just fall haze 1 ½ son, with tears, feel perplexed. After all, his children too young and too small, and the next day? The compensation for death to raise the son, and to open to pay wages, nurse, and his property fee income and not fall high, is undoubtedly "haze welcomeghd." She thinks that money should be his son and all, but she didn't eager to express your ideas, but tentatively solicit white-beard and her mother-in-law's opinion. The old man thought should be all the money in the bank, the education funds as a child later.






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