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Dawdle days, from the book from the online extracted some things, scissors, add paste, gather together into an article copywriter, I thought, the article a copy, I this moncler jackets men blackis not piracy it. But because not his own things, the mind still FaXu. By Friday, is really procrastinate not bottom go to, I crustily skin of head to wu hao. Wu hao to see me through text, said: "du manager, you this is from online copy to go. Because you do not have his owmoncler down jacketsn ideas, know only piece together, so DianSanDaoSi, no -- logic." I blush with shame. Wentworth pretenMonclerded not to hear and work to do their own thing, Xiaoding smell speech is turned around and looked at me, his eyes, schadenfreude. I hate cannot go wall, thought, wu hao aMoncler jackets Men h wu hao, you want to let me doesn't go down one? Wu hao seem what all don't know, still say: "du manager, a complete human resource planning scheme should include general plamoncler coats ns and business planning, business planning and include staff recruiting plan, promotion plan, employee career development plan, use plan, education training plan, compensation plan and retirement plan, labor relations plans." A beat say again: "du manager, you this scheme to rewrite. And moncler jackets women black give you a week's time, write to me." I can't say a word, and could only nod






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