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A class, millet invite I go shopping, I depressed: "not around, I drove a written plan?" moncler jackets men blackMillet say: "that wu hao is not interested in you, did you write a job at random, he won't embarrass you, you don't be so serious. Well, relax weekend." I say: "now I began to doubt, he's not interested in me. You know? He said my face in front of subordinates is poorly written." Millet very surprisMonclered: "he really say so?" I say: "not so direct it; but means that." Millet said: "I don't understand. In reason, you are the department manager and he is the boss, you shoumoncler down jacketsld help you in the subordinate front prestige: yeah. He said so in the subordinate before you, isn't intentionally weaken your authority? That you later return how tMoncler jackets Men ube they ah, they will take you how again?" My shoulder: "still not only that? He often before xiaoding, small temperature face, test me some major issues, such as, ask me for performance appraisal view of what, no matter how I answer, moncler coats he first spo-ken words: 'wrong should be about how." I admit he speaks it than me, but, so a few times down, my confidence devastated. Now I am in front of him, more and more dare not to speak, because I said, he immediately it:' wrong should bemoncler jackets women black about how. 'I all quick collapse." Millet said: "I want to, wu hao. Do it on one hand, he thought before you showed off his professional and knowledgeable, on the other hand, suppress your confidence."






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