3.My wry smile

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My wry smile: "he needn't show off ah, he certainly than my professional and knowledgemoncler jackets women black able, don't show me know it. As for confidence, root needless beat him down, I hadn't how much confidence." Millet said: "you don't know the man. Men in the woman that I like before, always have a sense of inferiority that moncler coats showing off, hitting each other." I on millet said: "I thought you said, be an upright person, even if thermoncler down jacketse is ability, performance eight-cent is enough." Millet said: "be, be I said, how?" I say: "I found you taught me that set of fundamental ignore use, because that wantmoncler jackets men black to be capital can show. Now, I just as hard spelt 60 points, I also dare not hard performance?" Millet and laughing. My frustration way: "calculate, I at home or write my planning right. You find peace labradors accompany you go shopping!" On weekends I which also do not go, stay at home, racking my brains, the planning changed again change, total feel dissatisfied, change to Monclerthe end, moody, jabbing at a computer keyboard, really want to throw it into the streets. Finally heart a horizontal, think, I be this level, then I begin to imagine, Monday, he Moncler jackets Men saw wu hao said to him: "wu director, you are my leadership, level of course is higher than me, my copy write ill, you just have modification of opportunity, also can satisfy you modify subordinate copywriter sense of achievement!






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