7.I and wu hao

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I and wu hao into the elevator, in elevator is closed for a moment, a man came into the elevator here while trot, while doing a" wait "gesture, my subconscious moncler coats ground hold the door knob. The man got into the elevator, loose tone, return overdo to say to me:" thank you. "I smiled and nodded, don't talk. It was a beautiful man. OuYang is also a nice man. But, how to say, OuYang beautiful just beautiful, and the person has a kind of natural temperament. moncler jackets women black Temperament is a very strange thing, it should be invisible, but, it passed person's every move, words and deeds show. Looks attract always transient and tempeMonclerament attraction, criterion more let a person lasting love. Are thinking, wu hao touched me: "come." I realized that I again absent-minded. No wonder millet to smoncler down jacketsay to me: "life rest, the color heart is not only." Actually she too. Who is not? Wu hao teasing me: "are you handsome boy was very concerned as to see a handsome bmoncler jackets men blackoy, ah, every time you eyes shine." Because out of the office, I compare the relaxed: "yes, who are fond of watching pleasing things well. The first time I saw you, also is shining eyes heart touch?" Wu hao clearly nervous. I secretly regret, I how talk old without the brain? This kind of joke, how can with boss open? Wu hao if misunderstMoncler jackets Men anding I think to him, then I jumped into the plan lawless ACTS of minjiang are useless. Fortunately, wu hao changed the subject: "today you invite me to dinner, there is something to tell me."






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