Did not think so much with a bird

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Did not think so much with a bird

Song Jin mastered the evidence recruiting deserts and traitors to the Song Dynasty moved dispatch claimant. An Fushi Wang Yanshan government to kill a video measuring machine seemingly enlightened fool Zhang Jin, Jin has been seen through. Jin was furious, claiming to feel fat Zhang Bing self-created. Zhao Ji Jin pressure for the forced, under the Mi Zhao, Zhang Jue had two sons and their executions, sent its first letter to the mercury and the Jin.

This event made the already beijing massagetense relations between Song and worse, and finding fault for the onslaught of the Central Plains Jin was going to provide a pretext. So, although shown repeatedly to apologize for the Song, Jin Song art forsworn still the ground troops captured Wei should be two states, and ordered troops attack from the Western Xia Wu Shuo. Vision and seven in October, the ambitious military preparations of golduniversal length measuring machine finished, Jin Taizong official edict will send troops, brazenly opened Fa Song prelude to war.

Ironically, until golden Army has galloped apprenticeship, Song of the ambition is still unaware of Jin, still fancy way to negotiate the delivery of the counties refused to ask for Jin. Tonglinear scale and DRO Guan Festival in Taiyuan, is to negotiate with the Jin Wei Song should be two states, the issue of naturalization. This of course is tantamount to nonsense. Now finally to wake up after midnight, but flames already burning from smoke signals imminent.

For the above history, Joseph Chang and Wang intrinsic known pure rough. So now filled in their chest, in addition to military aggression against the indignation of gold, the court has no lack of diplomatic and military actions in repeatedly on the missteps of the angry, and for those who harm the country's civil and military high officials stupid hatred. However, rank is not high as the background of the local military officials are not hard, they are reluctant to think about the latter. Did not think so much with a bird, either you complain again Sheng, who can do nothing? So the idea that they are very simple, it is hoped that as soon as possible under the unified command in the Tong Guan action, the occasion of this national crisis, carry out their share of responsibilities to be Beach Wedding Dressesassumed, do not to let things happen the country lost in shame himself.

Little city of Taiyuan city, take the shortcut past interspersed by a lane, then turn the two blocks, came to the Xuanfu Si where the street. Then this street is also deserted. The Xuan Fusi was standing in front of a group of people, of which there are a number of wagons, carriages filled with people going to the box, like a moving posture.

Joseph Chang and Wang pure intrinsic far to see this scene, a bit surprised, as the right a bit. Xuan Fusi to relocate it? Now available to adults and children Tong Guan office and place of residence, this place has the best house in town, Taiyuan, and he wants to move to where to go? Yuehua Jian has rode up Xuan Quinceanera DressesFusi, Joseph Chang Colts stop so pure, so that the guards stand waiting dismount the road, he and the king handed whip Wang Xun intrinsic to the two walk in front of it Maibu Xiang Xuan Fusi.

Tong Guan accompanying Senate Yuwen virtual command of the soldiers that are being loaded to the luggage cart, see Joseph Chang and Wang pure intrinsic arrival, turn around and was greeted by a two-step, bowed to the two said: "As early as two adults." Hew intrinsic hand over the king of pure Stephenbeijing escort Owen also had virtual gift, Joseph Chang pure glance around the fleet, asked: "Stephen Owen adults, what are you," Stephen Owen has just embarrassed imaginary faltered in a cry, "this, this," to hear a sound of footsteps came, was wrapped in Tong Guan fur robe and a number of civil and military attache bodyguard, surrounded by bodyguards, walked out of the Xuanfu Si gate.

This is Tong Guan was a eunuch, as a very good fawning sycophancy, won Zhao Ji favoritism. That he used to rate teachers as punitive jianjun Hehuangprofile projector spit fan and Intermarriage has also been pro-charge of the helm Zheng Chao Fang La, recently also "recovering" the Jin Yanjing temporarily abandoned. In his previous command of the Battle of defeat many, costly, often in disproportionate costsFlower Girl Dresses to pay only after the return to some short success. However, because of false military exploits are good at covering the truth, was hit by Zhao Ji was regarded as an outstanding commander, led the Privy Council appointed several things. In June, he has been called Yang Jun Wang Guang, the trend favored self-evident. Prior to the court and Jin Yan Yun sixteen states in the return of a dispute tool maker's microscopethe issue, removed the incompetence Zhao Ji Tan Zhen, special order Xuan Fu Tong Guan serve two rivers that come to Taiyuan and Jin mediation. Superman, however he had no singular energy, his predecessor did not reach agreement, he also did not reach. Not only did not reach, and talking to him, also talk about each other's armored cavalry came.






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