Pauline Chui Grenada in danger

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Pauline Chui Grenada in danger

Items: her brown Sprayersunglasses, her fountain pens, and two diamond turtle (Grenada is a turtle-shaped emerald jewelry and sculptures of world-class collector.) The headline of this letter: "Dear John letter to the letter, Pauline Green Fair Cheddar Grenada Rev. John", a big bold heading is commonly used by Villa Grenada Handwritten in red ink to write the letter, which reads as follows:

Dear John:

Over the years, there are so many precious collection between us really finished?

You do not call me.

You do not write to me.

I still love you.


Tsui Grenada was shocked but also delighted. I want her to play Joan of Arc on Seventh Avenue. She was not willing to be "burned", but she was really attracted by this bold ad, she fell in love with its charm.escort girl She almost no budget, but she plans to raise enough money to be used in New York "Times" published a color ad. The magazine will be opened in the fall of a fashion forum. Understandably, an advertisement for the post to attack John Fair Cheddar fashion this white whale, Tsui Grenada had to do some advance escort massage service thinking again. After a painful weekend of Seventh Avenue, practical considerations of power politics, after suffering a straight face Grenada Villa told me that she can not move forward according to what I think, because her son and Jeffrey Bean and all her The fashion industry friends have warned her that escort beijing the ads will become the bane of her to ruin her. "But you must know, George," she said, "I really madly in love with this ad!"

I can feel my Tsui Grenada bold ideas have been strongly attracted. So I determined to have to convince her. I stress that the Medical faucet Queen from the fashion industry is a such a confession incredibly interesting (the fashion world was talking about the case when the ad called her chief designer.) I also insisted that was funny bold "Dear John" this greeting, is extremely exciting, not only will she re-fashion in the fashion and retail sector received an important position, but would also become her that she welding mask industry, the object of many flattering. Because these people know, to fight against the powerful John Fair Cheddar how hard it is. Tsui Grenada slightly tempted, and commitment to further consider this matter. A few days later, she called me and said that she still loved the ad, but this time she began to worry investors. I told her to tell her to let her continue to make their investors money, let me do the pretty massage girl advertising. Become more and more impatient to see me, Tsui Grenada hesitated again, and she promised to further consider this matter.

The next day, her apartment on Park Avenue to call Bill Pitts. "Listen," she said, almost surreptitiously, "George, I have determined to publish the ads. My son did not know. My friends do not know. I do not know investors. But, Bill, I just want to publish it! "" Dear John "The ad was published that year by the end of August in the New York" Times, "" Contempopipe nipple rary Fashion "section within. In this ad released a few days ago, "Time" columnist seeing smart marketing advertising proofing, and he's business forum in the magazine wrote the first page masthead article entitled "to Pauline Chui Grenada from a Li exclusion. " He reproduced the ad in the article, outlining the background and the words quoted as Pauline Tsui end of Grenada: "This is not an argument. I want to prove to the world, I am still alive and vibrant."

A new day has opened the Pauline Tsui Grenada. She has become a heroine in the fashion world. She received a letter of congratulations from around the world and his message. Have a phone or even from far away to Jerusalem, it is the mayor 特迪科勒克 (Teddy Kollek) calling. He has been known for many years with her, and stainless steel faucet specifically called to express their admiration for her courage. Pauline Chui Grenada became a media favorite, she became the "New York Post," Sixth Edition "is the story," the report object, become a Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco and many newspaper articles material. "Daily News" also do this on a full Grenada Pauline Chui two version of the interview. When Billbeijing massage Pitts in this commotion to call her and wanted to show her the ad may be published in the next, she replied: "I'm too busy, Bill. One from the" Manhattan "magazine photographer was about to give me pictures, photos to erotic massage use in an important article of his. He may at any time to. "This important article is this:Pauline Chui Grenada designer John Fair Cheddar tired of being cold






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