Also weak relative to competitors

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Also weak relative to competitors

Such as semiconductors, are professional foundry Taiwan, Japan, but hit Taiwan. Therefore, the Japanese electronics giant, which for 10 years, slowly disappeared competitive because they want everything, do massage shanghai everything.

Business activities of a product from R & D, manufacturing to brand marketing. Because the domestic market is too small, so the foundry is Taiwan's development inevitable way to go, and thus Taiwan companies in brand marketing has been weak. But at least understand the times that Taiwan is a hero, the weakest link to Japan, the U.S. big companies, do their own foundry. So do contract work on Taiwan's economic taobao english development is a very important thing, which can not be denied.

The same is true for the next 10 years. But the problem is, 20 years, 50 years later, if Taiwan is not the weakest link in the built up slowly, then the overall competitiveness of Taiwan is definitely a disadvantage. Becauseshanghai massage OEM did half to death, have been squeezed light, less and less profits.

Taiwan today is also good reason for doing OEM, we are the OEM also strengthened the left to go to the smiling curve, that is, R & D, innovation, design is still upgrading, is still the world's leading computer this child is definitely, the whole OEM systems are already complete. We also go with the right half,seo global logistics, we are even to the Americas, Europe, designed to provide services, which are the core capabilities construct a value chain out of any bar, the whole to be affected.

Taiwan's OEM OEM has done the highest realm of global deployed. So I said, Taiwan is a DMS (Design Manufacture Service) shanghai escort in the center, not EMS (Electromic Manufacture Senice). EMS is the United States, but also beat Taiwan's DMS, it was set up in Taiwan, D, D is the most powerful communications products in Taiwan.

A mature industry is marketing division of labor, because the management of cultural differences. Production and marketing division of labor is more efficient in order to compete, streamline focus, this will be more effective. New industries from technology manufacturing to marketing, as industrytaobao agent has just begun, yet to establish difference, so we are also his own and packages, but more and more industries, more mature, specialized division of labor through outsourcing can be formed.

In other words, Taiwan's OEM to have a scale. As before the media has also been helping ASUS paired with British industry, as we are seeking ways to pair, grow bigger. People who are living conditions, such as Wistron, while only a third place in the notebook computer industry, but it is still alive and well, because in addition to laptops, it also has other value-added product lines, such as technical buy Everybody does want to settle down in the area to find a good bit.

8 Q: The brand must have a channel it?

It depends on what your business is paramount. If the business is product is heavy, you have to help access, attention to access for the heavy product, if the channel can not take the product out, we must strengthen the business. For example, I do cake products, if there is no access, unless the product great, famous, pipe nipple or I have to borrow the existing access road.

It depends on competitive conditions and competitive environment. Resources to focus on so that business can be run through.

What does this mean? My resources must be adequate, be able to complete the cycle of my business. For example, I Lukang to operate in a brand, there should be access, enough of my resources to open a shop, you can eat Qicheng Lukang market. If I want to make the province's market, it is Thermal fogger necessary to do a complete business, we should have established a headquarters in the province of the department stores, but if my hands of insufficient resources, this can not be counted on.

So business is to see your business model. Access your customers does not matter, get put back. If your path is not for you to sellescort shanghai , the consumer does not pay the bill, for example, will have early access their Acer "Acer Information Plaza" on the grounds that had not had access. So many channels now, Acer will not their own business, but to make use of these distributors. However, Acer was also the resources to be enough, can develop such a strategy.

Therefore, the enterprise is to use limited resources to complete the entire business cycle, can not be completed, thebuy form. taobao challenge is your business. You have to understand ecosystem, know how to help others, but the most important thing is to complete the cycle of business activity in your corporate resources to complete.

In fact, no matter how large enterprises are also no money, the company's cash flow is very tight, so no money can not be the start of the problem. No money is the objective conditions of operation, the outside world is also an objective condition of competition, partners, distributors do not pay the bill is also an objective condition, business can not complain about these, these are natural for these to be readily accepted, willing to challenge, this is the mentality of problem.






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