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that age. I like to tease them." Angela wondered whether Eugene had really changed for good. He seemed saner in all his talk concerning women. Perhaps large affairs had cured him complet  Moncler , Moncler jacket, Moncler K2 vest black, Moncler K2 vest Pink  ely, though she could not help feeling that he must be charmed and delighted by the beauty of some of the women whom he saw. Five weeks more went by and then he saw Suzanne one day with her mother on Fifth Avenue, coming out of an antique shop. Mrs. Dale explained that she was looking after the repair of a rare piece of furniture. Eugene   Moncler jackets, Moncler Multiple K2 Vest Beige , Moncler Quincy  and Suzanne were enabled to exchange but a few gay words. Four weeks later he met them at the Brentwood Hadleys, in Westchester. Suzanne and her mother were enjoying a season of spring riding. Eugene was there for only a Saturday afternoon and Sunday. On this occasion he saw her coming in at half-past four wearing a divided riding skirt and looking flushed and buoyant. Her lovely hair was flowing lightly about her temples. "Oh, how are you?" s  Moncler jackets for men, Moncler Alpin, Moncler Angers, Moncler Bady  he asked, with that same inconsequent air, her hand held out to him at a high angle. "I saw you last in Fifth Avenue, didn't I? Mama was having her chair fixed. Ha, ha! She's such a slow rider! I've left her miles behind. Are you going to be here long?" "Just today and tomorrow." He looked at her, pretending gaiety and indifference. "Is Mrs. Witla here?" "No, she couldn't come. A relative of hers is in the city."  Moncler Branson Jacket Moncler Branson Navy , Moncler Bea   "I need a bath terribly," said the desire of his eyes, and passed on, calling back: "I'll see you again before dinner, very likely." Eugene sighed. She came down after an hour, dressed in a flowered organdie, a black silk band about her throat, a low collar showing her pretty neck. She picked up a magazine, passing a wicker table, and came down the veranda where Eugene was sitting alone. Her easy manner interested him, and her friendlines  Moncler down jackets, Moncler Multiple K2 Vest Black, Moncler Chamonix  s. She liked him well enough to be perfectly natural with him and to seek him out where he was sitting once she saw he was there. "Oh, here you are!" she said, and sat down, taking a chair which was near him. "Yes, here I am," he said, and began teasing her as usual, for it was the only way in which he knew how to approach her. Suzanne responded vivaciously, for Eugene's teasing delighted her. It was the one kind of humor she really enjoyed. "You know, Mr. Witla," she said to him once, "I'm not going to laugh at any of your jokes any more. They're all at my expe Moncler jackets women, Moncler Boutique, Fashion Moncler, Moncler Kids  nse." "That makes it all the nicer," he said. "You wouldn't want me to make jokes at my expense, would you? That would be a terrible joke." She laughed and he smiled. They looked at a golden sunset filtering through a grove of tender maples. The spring was young and the leaves just budding. "Isn't it lovely tonight?" he asked. "Oh, yes!" she exclaimed, in a mellow, meditative voice, the first ring of deep sincerity in it that he







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