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frightened and nervous. To Eugene she was of course ravishing to behold. She could not play, as she truly said  Moncler , Moncler jacket, Moncler K2 vest black, Moncler K2 vest Pink  , but it made no difference. Her motions were beautiful. Mrs. Dale had long admired Eugene's youthful spirit. She watched him now from one of the windows, and thought of him much as one might of a boy. He and Suzanne looked charming playing together. It occurred to her that if he were s  Moncler jackets, Moncler Multiple K2 Vest Beige , Moncler Quincy  ingle he would not make a bad match for her daughter. Fortunately he was sane, prudent, charming, more like a guardian to Suzanne than anything else. Her friendship for him was rather a healthy sign. After dinner it was proposed by Kinroy that he and his friends and Suzanne go to a dance which was being given at a club house, near the government fortifications at The Narrows, where they spread out into the lower bay. Mrs. Dale, not wishing to exclude Eugene, who was depressed at th  Moncler jackets for men, Moncler Alpin, Moncler Angers, Moncler Bady  e thought of Suzanne's going and leaving him behind, suggested that they all go. She did not care so much for dancing herself, but Suzanne had no partner and Kinroy and his friend were very much interested in the girls they were taking. A car was called, and they sped to the club to find it dimly lighted with Chinese lanterns, and an orchestra playing softly in the gloom. "Now you go ahead and dance," said her mother to Suzanne. "I want to sit out here and look at the water a while. I'll watch you through th  Moncler Branson Jacket Moncler Branson Navy , Moncler Bea   e door." Eugene held out his hand to Suzanne, who took it, and in a moment they were whirling round. A kind of madness seized them both, for without a word or look they drew close to each other and danced furiously, in a clinging ecstasy of joy. "Oh, how lovely!" Suzanne exclaimed at one turn of the room, where, passing an open door, they looked out and saw a full lighted ship passing silently by in the distant dark. A sail boat; its one great sail e  Moncler down jackets, Moncler Multiple K2 Vest Black, Moncler Chamonix  nveloped in a shadowy quiet, floated wraith-like, nearer still. "Do scenes like that appeal to you so?" asked Eugene. "Oh, do they!" she pulsated. "They take my breath away. This does, too, it's so lovely!" Eugene sighed. He understood now. Never, he said to himself, was the soul of an artist so akin to his own and so enveloped in beauty. This same thirst for beauty that was in him was in her, and it was pulling her to him. On Moncler jackets women, Moncler Boutique, Fashion Moncler, Moncler Kids  y her soul was so exquisitely set in youth and beauty and maidenhood that it overawed and frightened him. It seemed impossible that she should ever love him. These eyes, this face of hers--how they enchanted him! He was drawn as by a strong cord, and so was she--by an immense, terrible magnetism. He had felt it all the afternoon. Keenly. He was feeling it intensely now. He pressed her to his bosom, and she yielded, yearningly, suiting her motions to his subtlest moods. He wanted to exclaim: "Oh, Suzanne! Oh, Suzanne!" but he was afraid. If he said anything to her it would frighten







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