Tips for Measuring the Wedding Dress

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When is the happiest time for a girl? I think it is the moment when she is standing in church together with her lover wearing pure and white wedding dress. All of the girl will be immersed in these romantic scenes which appeared in the TV program. All of all them wish she were the heroine at that time. Every time, I believe of all us will experience the romantic time belonging to prom dresses

Getting married is the very important thing for all the women. Everyone wants to take on perfectly in that day, and accept all the blessings wearing beautiful wedding dress. Therefore, customizing a piece of perfect wedding dress is one of the most important things before the wedding. To make a piece of prefect wedding dress, measuring the size is very party dresses

Firstly, arrange suitable time.

About the best time for measure the size, it is better two or three month before the wedding. If you do that early, there is a big problem about the changes in the shape of your body, which will cause the modification difficulty of the dress. But if you do this later, it will short the customizing times, which also may cause a lot of mess, such us decoration, adjusting the effect, and so on. Therefore, the suitable time is very important. Besides, if you are going to be diet before your wedding, you need communicate with your wedding gowns consultant about the dresses

Second, the standard measure method.

When customizing the size, your wedding gowns consultant will ask you weather is it too tight or not. The proper effect is to keep the tape can make rotation around your body. There is no need to make a smaller measure size, which maybe causes a big mess; even you can not wear it on your wedding day, I think it will be the nightmare for all of bride. When measuring the size, you need keep natural breath, and body straight, but the chest measurement should be close-fitting. All in all, the suitable is very important. It is best to leave a certain room, in case of your shape changes before the wedding.

Thirdly, different measure standard has different style. and material.

Generally, your wedding gown consultant will remind of you about it. They will add different measure status according to the style. and material of your dress. Such as the will add the size of the top hipline and bottom hipline, thigh circumference and the size of your knee, when you choose the fishtail style. If you choose the style. which emphasizes the slender sense of the lower part of the body, they will shorten the length of the waist section.

Fourthly, the things that the bride need to prepare before the measuring.

If you decide to wear the corset & panty-hose within your wedding dress, you should wear it when you measure the size. Your can add a pair of breast pad to measure the chest size or inquire the stylist to add a pair of built-in one within your dress. Besides, the length of your dress also depends on the height of your shoes, therefore, is suggest your wear the suitable shoes when making the measuring to make sure the length of your dress.

Finally, please all of the bride-to-be keep regularity and normal eating and living habits before your wedding, no matter how busy and exciting you are. Do not lose weight sedulously or overwork, which will affect your health and your presentation on our wedding. Actually, we can find out many different measure methods on the website.(






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