High School and Fairy Tale Mix-up

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Once upon a time, “happy endings” and “ever afters” exist in our childhood imagination. As we grow-up and live in the real world, we begin to realize that not everything ends happily and that the closest world to fairytale that you can experience is high school. High school is a fierce world for young adults going thru transformation yet it could also be a fairytale depending on the choices you make. You can be the cheerleader, the hottest most popular girl in school or you can be the geeky nerdy, the looser that everyone makes fun of. Whoever you choose, there will always be a prince charming that can save you or a bunch of friends that can help you get over the awkward stage. Black Evening Dress

Lucky for us, my friends and I belong to the townspeople, the free men. We can be anything we want, whenever we want, wherever we want. We can go up the ladder or we can go down but this coming week, as our prom arrives, we choose to go up. Blue Evening Dresses

In preparation, we need to arm ourselves with the best gown, the best stilettos, the best jewelry, the best escort and of course, the best prom limousine service in New York City. We gathered around the school grounds last week to talk about our options with limousine services. We started with what company should we check. I offered the services of the wedding limousine at Orange County that my aunt used in her wedding a few months ago while one of them presented the wedding limos at Rockland County that her parents used for their own wedding. Celebrity Dresses

We debated whether we’ll use a SUV limousine or a classic limousine. Riding SUV limo in New York has become a trend to many elite these days so I suggested we should try it. One of my friends said that if we are to choose SUV limo, we should check the SUV limo from Westchester County. Her family tried it once and got an excellent service from them.

Prom Night is like the happy wedding ceremony at the end of every fairytale stories. Next to Graduation, it’s a major event that ends your high school era. It should be memorable and happy. I bet arriving in a limousine and partying at it afterwards will make our prom a perfect fairytale ending to our high school days.






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