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ure or restore ancient ways, luxuriant or simple, is our life that the best memory.

08 footsteps faded away, 09 wedding dress tide again how? Search global, show you the latest fashion cheap wedding dresses.

Bud silk dream: luxuriant with complicated regression

From some time ago to japan-korea popular extremely brief design, returned to the traditional heavy and complicated is luxuriant, bud silk such natural aristocratic 

feeling material destinations. Although in the past few years has been turn to the popular trend of marriage gauze with concise line, style. clean feeling, but the 

woman inborn princess dream, let in the recent two years of marriage gauze and simple to numerous, from extremely brief wind to wind restoring ancient ways, return to 

traditional flower girl dress  luxuriant, elegant style.

In marriage gauze design, the biggest characteristic is to adopt a large number of some luxuriant element, such as the bud silk, embroidery, bead embroiders, crystal, 

drape, bowknot, flowers, etc., let nostalgic and luxuriant style. restoring ancient ways become mainstream. The overall design, nearly 9 years of marriage gauze with 

dew shoulder is given priority to, plus exaggerated mopping the floor skirt flower girl dress , has both the wedding, and let the bride was feeling looks sexy and 


Administrative levels feeling: the beginning of design will consider material

If reigns VERA where is marriage gauze pleats queen, a little too much. During the annual Academy Awards xingguangdadao, VERA where like never make mistakes, and will 

never let actress get "worst costume" quality guarantee. A set of VERA where marriage gauze, like a star Tiffany's 6 ungual diamond ring as, a symbol of divine 

precious love commitment. One where the price of marriage gauze VERA VERA WANG bought a car yazhan sees enough, but still make people lining up.

2010 spring marriage gauze series design style. avant-garde bold, Vera where said, "we need is modernization of vocabulary, this is our wedding in quarterly have to 

look for a thing." This the marriage gauze of one season series with a different texture of the material of performance level, apply to flowers to create romantic 

women breath. With traditional marriage gauze of late, Vera where different decoration routines from sketching, determination of the whole structure of the marriage cheap bridesmaid dresses

gauze all adornment element into consideration, make adornment become part of a package of marriage gauze modelling even is a focus.

Alternative winds: blond girl's childhood

When you were a kid is fantasizing can wear meimei skirt of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane that and evening dress? American designer Reem Acra for the 2009 marriage 

gauze series, theme is the little girl for flower girl dress  yearning. Imagine that beautiful blonde girl cover on the bitter fleabane bitter fleabane that white 

gauze skirt, such an occasion should have much shining.

"This is about the future of the series, the little girls slipped mother of bride dresses, sets in the body make games, fantasizing own after marriage gauze will be 

what shape." Reem Acra said.bridesmaid dresse  

"Mix build" is the biggest characteristic of this series design, white flower girl dress  and bright-coloured color garment bold, let these look "odd" modelling full 

of fairy tale feeling and only aesthetic feeling.

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